Violation of PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy

Hi everybody.

Last year in August, in a depressed state I regretfully joined (what was advertised as) a non nude, 100% legal website. I joined for some harmless titillation and paid a few pounds to join for one month. I had come across the website years ago and it was once a free forum that had links to file hosts.Membership was for access to a server the site now owned (which explained the charge for membership).

After paying through paypal I gained access to the members area expecting clothed modeling or “bootyshake” dancing videos etc. Instead what I found was mostly pornographic and potentially illegal content.

That’s not what I wanted or expected and immediately closed my account and deleted the files I had partially downloaded. I was shocked by what I had seen and reported the website to the authorities. I would have never imagined that websites in violation of paypal could trade through paypal. I guess if I had found the website a week later without paypal, I would have never have trusted/joined the site and wouldn’t be in this mess!

I then got the dreaded email from paypal:

“It has been determined that you are in violation of PayPal’s Acceptable Use
Policy regarding your transactions.

We have detected that the website/s you were purchasing from is/are in
violation of our Acceptable Use Policy. The severity of the violation is
such that any linked accounts will be closed.

You will not be able to use PayPal for any future transactions. An
appeal is not available.”

I attempted to contact PayPal via their web page and was met with the same “copy and paste” message over and over again. All questions were met with the same blanket response. I then rang their call centre where the staff were more friendly and understanding, however they referred me to email saying that only that department could reinstate my account. I was beginning to feel hopeful that Paypal would acknowledge my embarrassing mistake and give me my account back.

I sent a couple of emails through the website that got ignored and a couple directly to who just replied with the same generic response. I even asked direct questions in my responses that were not answered. You cannot call this department either which makes them appear faceless and their replies are robotic almost.

I can live without using paypal and ebay, which is all I used paypal for, but here is where their dominance really comes into force. Online shops sometimes use paypal as a checkout method. I used my cards a couple of times to buy health foods and now they have been banned. It’s really starting to feel like a harsh penalty for a genuine mistake. I can’t shop online for nearly anything now!

Apparently there are many ways of setting up fake accounts to use with paypal, but I’m not interested. I just want to be a normal person with my genuine account back. In all the years I’ve used paypal, this was the only issue with my account and I would have hoped that with my explanation that Paypal would show some compassion and understanding.

The sad thing is that there are success stories of people having their accounts back again. It would appear that you either have to contact the right person on the right day or make enough noise. The biggest concern for most people is Paypal holding onto account funds for 6 months; an immoral practice that didn’t affect me.

I have continued to send emails every now and then which have either been ignored or met with the same generic response.

So here it is. My embarrassing experience of joining a horrible website that has landed me with a lifetime ban. I still hope that some day I may be able to resolve this issue and have my ban removed. For now, my message is to warn everyone to be very cautious about using paypal for anything that could land you in a similar position to me. I would go as far to say that people should not use paypal at all if this is how they treat individuals. I guess we are like ants to them with no importance.

For now I will have to shop on amazon and hope for the day that either my account is reopened or a more customer orientated company rivals paypal and it’s services (which is doubtful).

P.S I checked on the website months later which is still selling memberships now through different methods. The webpage looks different, but still sells their content as non-nude, 100% legal, which is a clearly a lie. I’m not going to mention the website as I do not want to promote its services in any way, but I will continue to report it to the authorities.

Posted: April 15, 2013 at 7:04 pm


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  1. Miss Swing says:

    We have sent the following email to Paypal regarding them demanding we sign and Send Acceptable Use Policy affidavit on June 25th 2013. Let’s see what happens.

    To Whom it may concern, David Marcus, Tom Keithley, Mark Lavelle, Dianne Mills and John D. Muller,

    I was notified last week that our company is to no longer to use Paypal for pre ticket sales of one of our subsidiary companies of **& ******(****** , TSC. I am asking to be provided clarification as your “Acceptable Use Policies” “2H” is extremely vague. I asked the person on the phone to please tell me what and how we were violating your AUP and he was unable to tell me anything specific other then we were in violation of “2H”.
    Which states:
    (h) certain sexually oriented materials or services, (Again, this is extremely vague) I am asking what is defined as ” Certain Sexually Oriented Materials” and also what is defined as “Services” . We are not running a Brothel , sex house or what ever else he seemed to think we are, those are not only illegal but totally against what we stand for. They are in no way what we or are operating.

    I am writing to find out what Sexually Oriented Material or Services we are being accused of? If you are unable to provide this to us I am requesting our account be reinstated in full without further harassment. We follow all of your guidelines to the letter. We have also provided all of your required tax documents, can provide any Corporate documentations, Occupancy permits, and copies of the Maryland State Annotated Code which we operate under legally. Our business is a legally operating Social Club.

    XXXXXX XXXXX XXXXX also use Paypal for the processing of our Annual Fundraiser and its Donations for the NCSF (National Coalition for Sexual Freedoms). We have been coalition partner for close to 9 years as well as their PRIMARY Fundraisers and long time supporters. We strongly believe in equal rights without discrimination of ones sexual preferences as well as follow the NCSF Mission Statement in all of our endeavors:

    NCSF Mission Statement
    The NCSF is committed to creating a political, legal and social environment in the US that advances equal rights for consenting adults who engage in alternative sexual and relationship expressions.
    The NCSF aims to advance the rights of, and advocate for consenting adults in the BDSM-Leather-Fetish, Swing, and Polyamory Communities.
    We pursue our vision through direct services, education, advocacy, and outreach, in conjunction with our partners, to directly benefit these communities.

    We are not providing ANY sexually oriented Material or services. We only provide a Social Club with Couples in open relationships, yes some may call us “swingers” but that would be like us calling you “monogamist” and an unnecessary label in our opinion. . We operate no differently then any other bar or night club. Because our members are in open relationships it is our given rights under the constitution of the United States of America to not be discriminated against because of our sexual preferences. Our Private VIP Rooms (Which seems to be what the man on the phone indicated he personally had a problem with ) are no different then Bottle Service Rooms at Night clubs.

    I will anxiously be waiting for your reply to my letter with the utmost urgency, and look forward to your clarification of the issues you stated we violated. I know you will give this matter the needed attention a situation of this magnitude deserves given the violation of individuals legal rights being at the center of this matter. I also am hopeful your company will see that reinstateing our account witout firther issues is the best decision for both parties.


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