Unfair telephone charges/paypal call time limit policy

Hello, the message below is what I sent to Paypal, and it explains my complaint to you as well………

“Hello, I recently needed to contact Paypal urgently, regarding an ‘error message’ on Ebay. When I tried to list an item for sale, it said that I did not have a payment method set up with my Ebay account. I thought that this was incorrect, so I rang Paypal on the 19th March, the first call did not connect, and the second time again on the 19th March, I spoke to a man who said he had sorted out the problem. On the 22nd March, I tried again to list an item for sale on Ebay, but the same message appeared. So I rang Paypal again, and was in the middle of dealing with my query, when the line went dead. I rang back on the same day, and asked why the line had gone dead, and was told that after 19 minutes your phones automatically disconnect, and then it went dead again. I straight away called back, and after another 16 minutes was told that the problem had been resolved and that I “was lucky because there were only a couple of minutes left before HIS phone would go dead”. I have now received my phone bill covering those days, and after contacting my phone company, I am completely disgusted and shocked to find that the calls I made to Paypal have cost ME £135.92 GBP. The problem I needed help with could easily have been sorted out in ONE phone call, if your phones did not keep disconnecting. YOU made me make that many calls, and so I beleive you are responsible for the £135.92 GBP. Both people who I spoken to at my phone company agree with me and said that this situation is completely unfair, and that I should take it further, which is why in the first instance I am contacting you. I would have been quite happy (and fully expected) to pay for ONE call to you, as I needed assisstance with my Paypal account, but I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT IT IS FAIR THAT I SHOULD HAVE TO PAY FOR SEVERAL CALLS CAUSED BY YOU. I await your response with regard to this very urgent matter ASAP. Marie Jarrett.”

I should explain to you, that I was unable to email this complaint to Paypal on the days in question, due to not having a computer to use, so I had no choice but to ring them. Also I do not have a landline telephone – only a mobile phone.

This was their response………

“Dear Marie Jarrett,

Thank you for contacting PayPal.

Ms Jarett, while we understand the phone call costs you spent upon contacting our Customer Support multiple times for a specific issue, please note that PayPal does not reimburse phone charges.

For your future reference, we also offer assistance through email. If you need assistance about your PayPal account, since international calling rates may apply when you contact our Customer Service via phone, we encourage you to email us instead and we will attend to your query as soon as we can.

I realise that this is not the outcome you would have wished for but I do hope you will understand that this decision was made in accordance with our policy. While I cannot change this, I will make sure your objection is duly recorded.

Thank you for choosing PayPal.

Yours sincerely,



What do you suggest I do next?, do you think I have a case against them?…..please help!

Submitted By:: Marie Jarrett

Location-: UK

Posted: April 12, 2012 at 5:58 pm


2 Responses to Unfair telephone charges/paypal call time limit policy

  1. DickyRicky says:

    “I will make sure your objection is duly recorded.” <— yeah in the I dont give a shit file of their office! Gosh man sorry to hear about your phone-bill from hell. Bottom line is that suck balls, both in the US and UK

  2. mike says:

    How did you get trough to them i have spent hours and hours and day after day on hold on the phone waiting to speak with a paypal rep.I just gave up and will never do any bussiness with paypal or ebay ever again .

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