Uncalled for negative feedback limited my perfect account

One person complained with negative feedback because she WAY over bid in a bidding frenzy on my item, so her negative feedback was “I paid WAY too much for this!”. Well that is not anything I did that was her own actions. Ebay decided to withhold my funds because this “caused abnormal activity” on my otherwise perfect performance (as in , I got one bad feedback out of hundreds of glowing positive feedbacks). Now, every time I call them, I get a different reason for why my funds are withheld. Now we’re at the “I’m sorry, I put in for a re-evaluation of our erroneous decision to withhold your money.. but the request was denied.” It would be laughable if I weren’t paying for bounced checks because EBAY is going to my checking account for funds when the money is in my Paypal account that they won’t allow access to!!!

Posted: December 6, 2012 at 4:05 pm


2 Responses to Uncalled for negative feedback limited my perfect account

  1. mike stowers says:

    If they are hitting your bank account with echecks for the money, as you did not specifically authorize any of these debits they are trying to do then just call the bank and tell the bank that the charges are *not authorized* and most banks will block ebay / paypal from debiting that amount and will refund the charges for the bounced items. You have nothing to lose by calling the bank.

  2. scott says:

    f*** PayPal payPal is screw me over and I need information on how to shut them down are they sue able I mean how is this legal how can PayPal do all of this and not get in trouble can we put a class action lawsuit against them cause they’re holding 400 dollars of mine won’t release it I’ve been having problems with them ever since I started with them I’m going f****** mad here and if I ever met the owner of potato for new the owner to be killed this is straight up b******* if anyone has any information on how to get my money out or have it set up a class action lawsuit against them please contact me at Scottronics247@yahoo.com

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