They simply take the money, whenever they feel like it

Recently eBay / Paypal (they are THE SAME company!) has decided that they have the right to withdraw my eBay fees every ten days and regardless of invoice, from my bank account (for some reason they will not take these fees from the money of mine which they have ILLEAGALLY been holding as ‘unreleased’, now nearly $1000). They simply take the money, whenever they feel like it, and when I contact their ‘customer support team; they tell me every single time in a condending tone that I initiated a ‘one time payment’ to them. This happened to me on the 4th and 14th (today) of this month. Three time last month as well. Today, I wasn’t even home or anywhere near a computer at the time it occured. Of course, predictably, eBay insists that there is nothing that can be done. They have instituted a policy of their customers having to ‘prove’ to them they did not initiate these payments, and of couse, since they are holding all the cards by operating both ‘services’, there is no proof a customer can offered up as evidence. It’s the perfect CRIME, and make no mistake about it, IT IS A CRIME. It’s called racketeering. It’s the same way that the mafia operates. They have overdrafted my bank account in both cases this month, causing overdrafts. It’s time that someone held this company responsible. If people fail to stand up to this kind of injustice it will surely continue, with eBay / Paypal constantly pushing the boundries to see just what they can get away with.

Submitted By:: Jim Bellomo

Location-: Louisville, KY

Posted: May 17, 2012 at 4:46 pm


3 Responses to They simply take the money, whenever they feel like it

  1. Hermie says:

    UGH! I am so sick of paypal! You need to move your business elsewhere buddy. It is absurd that they would withdrawl fromyour account so many times. I orginally went with paypal because they said they had low fees, the truth of the cost really came out when they took my money and double dipped into my account. I have a merchant account now, and while I have to pay a montly fee, I am secure in knowing that they are backed by a bank and do good business. I can trust them which is more than I could ever say about Paypal.

  2. Senior says:

    It is impossible for anyone trying to run a business to use Paypal. Why wouldn’t eBay take the fees from your Paypal account?? I am pretty sure you have not approved for eBay to help themselves at any time to money in your bank account. eBay/Paypal has figured out how to legalize theft.

  3. What a bunch of crooks!! They issued me with a charge back recently without notifying me in any way, my customer had received goods from me but not informed his accounts department so they queried it. I found out when checking my paypal account routinely that they had taken 500 pounds from me so i called them to complain. Their response was “We have no control on chargebacks, its the customers or issuing bank that takes the money from us so we debit your account as a matter of course”
    if this is true surely your bank has the power to charge back a fee they have debited from your account?
    in my case this was the tip of the iceberg, because of the chargeback they froze over 5 thousand pounds of my money in a “minimum reserve” i guess thats a euphamism for legally stealing and wont give it back even if i close my account.
    how they get away with this is beyond me, something has to be done.

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