Terrible customer service!

Terrible customer service! Called b.c. apparently they HOLD funds for like a MONTH now! Shipped items, customers left Excellent Feedback with items recieved. and they tell me that they are holding my funds for another 15 days! Not fair! The first person I spoke with at PAYENEMY says “oh once your customers leave positve feedback we can release the hold” so I call back and get a totally different person saying no we dont release funds! WHAT?!?! I have went a step further requesting phone records as well as corporate. I want something done! this is Crazy!

Submitted By:: Ashley

Location-: Cleveland

Posted: March 21, 2012 at 6:57 pm


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  1. chow yuan ying says:

    why i cant used my paypal ac to manke payment for my hotel booking at taiwan?????

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