Sue paypal

Paypal stole my money for scam person in united states. On Nov 23 I sold 800$ item on ebay and seller asked if I can ship it with canada post and put his contact number on it. I agreed and ship it next day the 24th and notified buyer item will be at your home in 4 to 6 days max.
The item arrived 28 Nov and shows delivered. I contacted buyer same day to ask about item but he refused replay. On Dec 2, buyer said he was away but he didn’t receive item but he will check USA post office. I replay and wrote please let me know if you find it or not but he never replay after this msg. I called number he gave me and msg that number but both answers were”wrong number”. Dec 3 I contacted buyer again but refused to replay. On Dec 6 I was surprised that I got 4 Emails followed each other in one time from paypal stated Dispute, Escalate, Investigation, Closing case respectively. The process shouldn’t be like this fast and didn’t even have time to defend myself in dispute with buyer. Buyer was lying and stated that he tried to contact via ebay but i never respond which I can proof the opposite. I have all documents that made this buyer suspicious.
However, I called paypal and they appeal the case for me and asked to attach in website shipping postage, tracking number and other evidence documentations . It took me 4 hours to arrange these documentations while my finals this week. On Dec 7, I got 2 emails follow each other from paypal. First one was requesting additional information from me to investigate and need to submit it in 72 hours. Second one was 3 minutes after the first and stated that my appeal is closed!!!!!?? I called paypal and they said they gonna open it again but need to send files because my files I submitted first time are corrupted.

Well, I sent all documentation again “tracking, postage label” Also proof that buyer never contacted me as he stated, the wrong number he gave me, and the Emails from paypal shows injustice for not giving me time to write dispute back and even they closing my appeal after 3 minutes of asking me to provide information. I think this buyer has relation with paypal agents who can do all things for him.

Paypal only have one word replay every time is ” you have to have an online signature that can be viewable from buyer that he received item”. If this is how their investigation only depends on, then why they tell me to send evidence and postage of shipping and tracking and made lose my time to collect msgs that shows buyer is lier and never contacted me as he stated in dispute, why don’t they investigate this with him that I was contacted him via ebay and by wrong phone number he gave me. I’ve bought this phone for my wife but she said sell it to pay for our living.

Now paypal gave this scammer my phone and money too without any investigation as they were stated. Their investigation is a jock, they don’t know how to investigate.

This buyer he laid about contacting me via eBay and sending many msgs but I refused to answer, which is totally opposite that I was contacting him with too many msgs but he refused to respond, do you think he will say truth about receiving item or not. The problem that he’s lying is so obvious via ebay msgs btw me and him. Where can i go complain please.

Posted: December 10, 2014 at 9:06 pm


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  1. jim says:

    i was a good barnstormer for ebay i never had a problem until i bought a pair of car lights,for $1,100 one was broken and the selleris from Taiwan, i was railroaded from eBay to pay pal, i was never told the process or what power they can execute of my behalf or permission, they filed a dispute and within an hour it was a claim because the decided to and told i should work it out with the seller that wouldn’t get back to me and they had also closed my account for 2 days for because the case was over 90 days old, it wasn’t 30 days yet. so if i could of made some kind of arrangement i was sabotaged. i was able to get on line with the seller only once and he clearly wasn’t interested in getting me a light that worked. pay pal ordered me to send the package back the cost is $425 3 to 5 days shipping the seller took 18 days to ship. i can’t see the point in losing the lights and the $1,100 the non refundable shipping too., this all happened in less than 5 days. what is the deal are the people there on the take with sellers like the one i dealt with and it appears he no longer advertises on ebay for the lights. are they working with sellers and just play the system. i see the seller gets ripped off but in this case the buyer is the big loser, he will get my money on the 7th. i will never use ebay again and pay pal should open their office on wall street so we all know their crooks., very rude people, now the owner says he’s only doing what he’s told by pay pal? now it’s become extortion he offered me $150 to keep the light, i have had to offer him another $150 i don’t know if that’ll be enough either but one light is no good for me.

  2. bill says:

    Paypal all lie and don’t forget 20 + phone calls with 40 minute hold times only to get a rep that can’t speak english I am going through all the lies now what a waste of time

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