Where do I start? First of all I don’t have a business on eBay. This business is not associated with eBay at all. Basically, I resell data feeds and made a lot of money within the month of November. Now, I had an uneasy feeling because Paypal immediately held the funds in my company’s account. I was told to wait 21 days and then the money would be release in small increments. Last week, I finally receive barely 10% of the nearly $4,000 in my Paypal account. I call and spoke to a representative who was nice at first and even handle some of the issues relating to my account. This past week, I was unable to get in touch with the person and spoke to a VERY RUDE supervisor who told me to be patient and the money will be release each day. He “claimed” there are a lot of scams going on and all businesses accounts are being held on hold or money be release. This sounded too fishy to me. So, as of now I had to put my business website on hold until I can find another merchant. Some is telling me these bottom feeders are going to limit my account – an account I had for almost 10 years with no problem – and hold my money for almost 180 days! It hasn’t happened yet, but this past week I have been getting the run around and after the hostile conversation I had with a very unprofessional supervisor I am more convince they got something up their sleeves. STAY AWAY FROM PAYPAL AT ALL COSTS!

Posted: December 4, 2012 at 8:39 pm


  1. Roger says:

    My friend transferred $3.5k of funds to his Paypal account which has now been frozen. He is a 20 your old (in Australia) who has saved this money to pay for accommodation on a Canadian holiday. He is now unable to pay for his accommodation, due to fly out in a month and has had no assistance from Paypal even though he has provided all information that they have asked for. Absolutely horrible company.

  2. mike stowers says:

    Dispute it with the bank or charge it back.

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