Sellers have no chance against scamming buyers with PayPal and eBay

I am running a small business selling 2nd hand electronics in working condition and not working condition for parts. I also sell replacement parts and mobile phone accessories. I have been scammed where customers have replaced expensive working parts of phones/ipods with non working parts and then claiming it was faulty. Each time both Ebay and Paypal decide to refund the scammers. And the worse part is for the duration of the customer reporting anything, my funds get blocked. Being a small business, this causes a huge problem to my limited cashflow. In any retail business, the customer would have to return the merchandise in the same condition as bought. And they only get a refund if they fulfill these conditions. Paypal holds my money for weeks, limiting my stock buying capacity and therefore further limiting my sales. I have learnt many lessons in this game. DO NOT RELY ON PAYPAL AND EBAY ALONE TO KEEP YOUR BUSINESS ALIVE!!! I have survived through selling more to face to
face customers. And I am looking to diverge my online sales away from eBay. These Silicon Valley monsters are sweeping up our hard earned cash. More parasites to add to the list of corporate and state greed.

Posted: September 10, 2015 at 7:44 pm


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  1. peter mark says:

    Happens to all of us, you clearly do not understand cashflow. At all times leave a sum of cash in your balance to cover customer complains.

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