Scamming buyer got Macbook for free

my wife sold a new mac book air to a person in Australia for $1365. including free shipping. The one she sold it too gave her an address in Indonesia to send the macbook air too. He sent four emails confirming where he wanted it sent. After he paid my wife, she transferred her money to her bank account before shipping. Once she shipped it, she gave the tracking number too the buyer, the buyer then called paypal and said we sent the laptop to the wrong place, so paypal without investigating gave this scammer back all of the money and debited my wife’s paypal account $1365.

Paypal sided with the scammer despite us sending all the emails from the buyer requesting were to send the laptop. Paypal still sided with the scammer,The scammer got my wife’s laptop for free and got all his money back. So my wife did not pay back paypal, they began with non stop harassing calls seven days a week including early Sunday mornings, the only way they stopped was we changed our phone numbers.

Two years later I sold something on ebay for $645. After I shipped the item when I tried to transfer the money paypal froze my funds, when I called and asked them why they are not letting me get my money that is mine, they told me they linked my account with my wife’s and told me I will never have access to those funds until I pay the $1365 my wife owes, this is very frustrating and we have four kids and really need the money to pay bills, I don’t believe this is legal when I called them, a lady I talked too was extremely rude and nasty she told me I will never get those funds this is my account not my wife’s.

Paypal act like Nazis and always side with the scammers and are very rude and nasty to honest people trying to make a buck, they were very disrespectful and treated us like criminals. They are a horrible business and I hope everyone reading this will change to a different pay venue before one day you have a lot of money in your account and for no reason will not be able to access what is rightfully yours as far as I’m concerned they are thieves and by freezing my account they are not allowing me to access money I earned and my paypal account has nothing to do with my wifes account if every body boycotts paypal we as a group can screw them the way they have screwed us and many many others. Boycott them before you become their next victim.

Posted: July 18, 2014 at 6:33 pm


2 Responses to Scamming buyer got Macbook for free

  1. Mike jonez says:

    Blame your wife buddy. Policies on paypal specifically state not to send to any other address then the one that was provided by paypal. Including addresses provided by the buyer. Who ships anything to indonesia anyways? Dont blame payapl for your wife not folliwing simple guidelines on this one. Emails cant be used as proof of anything by any fraud investigation company. Emails can be easily faked and made up. You need valid tracking showing you sent the item to a designated address. Its states it all on the website.

  2. Erika says:

    Wow, sorry to hear that your wife fell for that scam.

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