I got scammed and Paypal are solely blaming me

I’ve had an ebay and paypal account for nearly 10 years with no probs. Ebay rating of nearly 1000.
I responded to a WarriorForum posting of a dropshipper who wanted to work with ebay sellers.
I started listing these high vaue items and the guy delivered the first 8.
He always wanted the money up front.
I continued to do this and he gamve me an excuse of postal delays etc.
Before I knew it he’d scammed me out of nearly £15, 500 and didn’t deliver anything.
Obviously the customers who didn’t receive their goods raised a ton of disputes and were refunded by Paypal.
I had to pay Paypal back.
I eventually did after remortgaging my house!
However, when i went to paypal and said I’d been scmmed but i had now returned all the money I owed paypal, they weren’t interested.
They turned down my appeal quite brutally and showed no sympathy or compassion given i had been scammed. I said I obviously wouldn’t be doing dropshipping again after my horrible experience but they said my suspension was final.

I got scammed and on top of that Paypal were solely blaming me!!

Posted: August 21, 2012 at 4:12 pm


3 Responses to I got scammed and Paypal are solely blaming me

  1. Edgar Munoz says:

    PayPal has no mercy and no sympathy when it comes to one of their customers being scammed. They should have sided with you since obviously you didn’t so this intentionally. This is why I truly hate paypal. They are quick to side with the scammers and leave the innocent with all the responsibility

  2. Gary says:

    I assume you were paying the dropshipper via PayPal? This wasn’t specifically stated. I’m not trying to be picky, but you gave detail on refunding people’s purchases (via PayPal) which PayPal was supporting them. But no details on your purchase (the dropped shipped items).

  3. mike stowers says:

    I bet the first 8 were ebay accounts operated by the scammer but seriously if someone wants to use your accounts there is a good reason for this and it must have screamed scam from the get go.

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