I get scammed and paypal freezes my funds

The issue is pretty simple, but oh so despicable. I sold someone a virtual item for 200$ on July 19th. The person decided to chargeback recently. I personally have had thousands and thousands of dollars transferred through paypal for one year now, and I’ve never had one chargeback until now, and they decided to limit my account, meaning I cant take anything in and out. The stupid thing is this guy charged back like 10 people at once (I know that because there are a ton of scam reports on a website about him @ the same time he charged me back). I only had 90$ left on my paypal, its not too much but its still a pain in the ass to loose any amount of money. Especially when you did nothing wrong. I explained this all to paypal by phone and they said they dont wanna do business with me anymore loool. So basically I get scammed outta 200$, and paypal decides to not to do business with me anymore. Coolstory Paypal. Scammers paradise.

Posted: August 20, 2012 at 4:16 pm


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  1. Lilly says:

    Look at as a blessing is disguise; you no longer have to deal with paypal and they no longer can steal any more of your money. There are so many other ways to accept payments online and they are all better then paypal. Look for a company with good customer support that dowsn’t hold your money, yes they do exist.
    As for your money that paypal tool you are probably going to have to wait 180 days to get that back.

  2. joe says:

    Um, payment processors have nothing to do with chargebacks, its all on the credit card companies that make those decisions, blame someone else and take responsibility for your actions and learn how to use a product and read the agreements before so you don’t sound like a tool. If you’re a business or ran a business you would know about a thing called losses and cost of doing business. This is one of them.

  3. wackadoo says:

    This is how they operate. I think they are in cahoots with the scammers. Think of it as a blessing that they shut you down. I wouldn’t want to work with PayPal if I didn’t have to. They claim they have sellers protection but that’s a crock of shit. The only protection they have is for themselves.

  4. King Coultas says:

    Ah, I quite agree Paypal helps scammers. Let me give you my experience as briefly as possible.
    I sold a watch on Ebay (which as we know owns Paypal). It was an expensive watch, over $2000. The buyer received it and sent me an Ebay message saying it was as described but five days later said he’d been looking at it under a magnifying glass and there was a scratch on the glass, unseen to the naked eye. He wanted his money back. This was a 12 year old watch, never described as perfect, but in good original condition. Anyway, I said if you are not happy send it back. He did not. He wanted me to pay for return postage. It’s a clear Ebay condition that the buyer who returns an item has to pay return postage. Because I refused to pay the return postage he opened a dispute with Ebay. This immediately led to my Paypal account being frozen and I was told I owed Paypal $2250. Ebay told the buyer to return the watch. He did not. He would not pay for return postage. Ebay ruled in my favour and said, you will not get the item back and the buyer will not be reimbursed, and they unfreezed my Paypal account. I then closed my Ebay and Paypal account (this is back 11 months ago).
    The buyer then started a chargeback with his credit card. I gave evidence to Paypal but that holds no water because the credit card company (who knows nothing about the situation of course) decides to chargeback or not. They always come down on the side of their customer. Paypal then told me the credit card company had decided in the buyer’s favour (as they always do) and therefore (11 months after the scammer acquired the watch) I now had to reimburse Paypal $2500 (they tacked on $250 for some reason – greed, I suppose).
    Two days later, they had debt collectors chasing me. Upshot is, it will go to court, I will lose because Paypal have a deeply buried clause that supports their action, and the scammer gets to keep the watch. So, he has the watch and $2250 and I am being hauled up in court.
    So here’s the thing, if you’re a buyer on Ebay, buy the item, then say it’s not as described, but refuse to pay return postage, follow the process outlined above and you get to keep the item and you get your money back. That, my friends, is a scam.
    So, I would avoid Paypal at all costs – it never protects the seller, not one little bit.

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