Robbed by Paypal

I’ve sold an item on Ebay, then posted it via Canada Post surface service (this service have no tracking for this item), but kept the recipe of the transaction. 44 days later my buyer have not received the item yet, I tried to reassure him, I’m a 100% Ebayer for more than 10 years, I showed him the recipe proving that the item was sent etc. The buyer turned the dispute into a claim, Paypal asked a tracking or a refund (this seems the ONLY way Paypal can see if an item was sent, but however, a tracking, as the word say, is only a TRACKING). I showed them the recipe showing the dimensions of the package, the date it was sent, the country it was sent etc. They then decided to refund the buyer with my money. O_O WHAT??? I got a PROOF you dammit. So I’ve lost the item, the money, and even the money for posting the item. SCREW YOU, FUCKING LOSERS. Funny that I have a proof of shipment and the buyer have no proof that he didn’t get it…. However, a Canada Post representative told me that with the Xmas buzz and the customs being slow in certain country, we are still in a normal delivery for my item and it could be possible that he will receive it in the next 2 weeks…. So how can Paypal decide to refund a buyer for an item that was posted (having a proof) and that the item should arrive very soon?? I feel like I’m robbed by these fuckers.

Posted: January 3, 2013 at 7:31 pm


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  1. Lefti says:

    In the buyers defense here; you only have 45 days to file a dispute after that you can’t file a dispute with paypal so if they don’t have the item after 44 days I think I would do the same thing. Where were you shipping the item to that it takes that long? In the future you should chose a faster shipping method and have the buyer pay for shipping instead of including it in the price (if that is what you did).

  2. Wild says:

    I can understand your frustration, losing items AND money sucks and that’s the reason why I use only courier.

    You have a receipt that you shipped a parcel, but no tracking number.
    Would you be able to proof in a court that you sent the parcel you have a receipt for to exactly this customer? And not a Xmas present to the nephew of a friend?
    Also, do you any proof/reassurance what was in the parcel?

    You may have a receipt that you sent >somethingsomeone< on the specific date, but no proof without tracking (addresses logged on airwaybill) or signature.

    Please read the TOC, PayPal followed the book by refunding the buyer as you were unable to provide this proof.

    Not only PayPal but many companies require RPost or courier if you send something (RMA) and need a proof of shipment.
    Only registered post or courier with tracking are acceptable, they also offer insurance in case the consignee insists and reports he received only junk, in which case the courier would be liable. The higher shipment costs are paid by your customer, while you're on the safe side if proof is required.

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