The risk of using PayPal

Just to confirm what we already know, PayPal does suck. I’m shocked to find out by googling ‘PayPal problems’ how many hits I get.

Been selling on Ebay for months now, and in 80% of the cases all is well.
One BIG problem: if the buyer want to get you, he will. I sell coins, and especially in Italy and eastern Europe it’s always a problem. Believe it or not, Italy is pure horror. 0 of my 8 packages arrived and I lost my money and coins. So no more Italy shipping. I’m not the only one though, many other seller put in their ads ‘NO SHIPPING ITALY’

So what happens when a customer puts a PayPal refund claim on a supposed non-received item? You can have track and trace, photo’s of the package, it just doesn’t matter. You lose! The buyer is God and will win the case in almost all cases. This opens the door to bad ‘customers’.

So what now? Give up on PayPal? No, I have decided not to, I know it is a risk that may end up costing me in the end. Most transactions go well, and although PayPal is run with the parameters of a ‘Matrix’ computer (human common sense is gone), it does protect Ebay customers extremely well. Have they gone into overdrive in protection? Sure.

Posted: November 20, 2015 at 9:17 pm


5 Responses to The risk of using PayPal

  1. mike says:

    So how do I fight paypal? They say I owe $2,290 for a guitar I sent and the buyer said he never got it!!!

  2. kara says:

    Please sign this petition I started on

  3. peter mark says:

    Sellers can be silly at times. Two points on seller protection in PayPal. If your product is listed seller protected by PayPal. It is based on two conditions. If a buyer states it was never received. You have to prove you shipped it tracking and prove delivered to address on file with a signature from delivery company POS & POD…. if it is not received, you are a business. That is what insurance with your courier is for. If you do free post with no tracking kiss goodbye the claim.

    Any one can say they shipped something, do a pretend claim and get protected if that was the cast. Proving an action with tracking.

  4. Matt Hanstead says:

    Peter Mark are you okay? i sell trading cards, who the hell would pay £4+ for a trading card postage with the normal price on top… No one, they will go with another seller especially when most of them is free postage, I wouldn’t sell a single item. ‘Anyone can say they shipped something’ check out the 100s of positive feedback people receive, in 20% of my sales a customer will not message me, go straight to PayPal claiming they have not received their item, anyone can do that and most sellers will re fund them and they keep their item. You make it sound sellers are in the wrong for doing what their suppose to. You clearly have not been on our side of things.

  5. Ms. Loud says:

    Ummm..even after providing tracking they still don’t cough it up AND they’ve charged vendors fees! THAT’S dishonest. Paypal has stolen (and ebay) more $$ off of legitimate sellers than quacks trying to pawn off junk.

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