Refund from PayPal!!

I sent 350$ worth of gold to an address PAYPAL provided me! 30 days later (the address PayPal provided was “INSUFFICENT for deliveryā€¯ via the stamp put on the package where after 30 days I finally got the package back EMPTY!!! PayPal took 350$ out of my account to refund this buyer that the package couldn’t be delivered to because YOU HAD AN INSUFFICENT ADDRESS!! THATS PAYPALS FAULT NOT MINE!!! I SHOULD HAVE BEEN COVERED UNDER THE SELLERS PROTECTION!! I WAS TOLD BY SEVERAL REPS NOT IN THE USA AND SUPERVISORS THAT I WOULD BE FULLY REFUNDED!!! LIED TO ME!! PayPal took THE MONEY AND WHEN THE PACKAGE ARRIVED THE ITEMS WERE MISSING!! Because I ship securely someone somewhere had slit the top with an sharp object and took the jewelry!! And PayPal took MY MONEY AND NOT ONLY THAT they LIED over & over PROMISING ME A FULL REFUND!!!! And considering its PAYPAL’S FAULT IT’S TIME TO PAY UP!!! My JOB WAS TO SHIP THE ITEM WITH A TRACK ## WHICH I DID…AFTER IT LEAVES ME MY JOB IS DONE!!! What others do I can’t control!!! I was covered under “SELLERS PROTECTION” and SINCE PAYPAL’S RECORD THE CONVERSATIONS GO LISTEN TO HOW MANY TIMES I WAS TOLD I WOULD BE REFUNDED!!!!!!!! and that’s exactly what I will make sure happens!!! PAYPAL have NO LEGAL RIGHTS TO GO INTO ACCOUNTS THAT DON’T BELONG TO YOU AND STEAL MONEY!!! I USE THE WORD “steal” because that’s what they GUILTY OF!!! They had no right to steal from me!! And I’ll do what I need to to expose your scamming!!!!

Posted: August 1, 2014 at 6:19 pm


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