Receive a large payment=Account limited

Paypal has stolen over 5 thousand dollars from me in the past 2 years. I sell electronics on ebay. Far too many times i have sold an item, put tracking info on it and shipped it, and then the buyer claims they didnt get it. Paypal refunds their money, i dont get my item back, and it doesnt even matter to paypal if the tracking proved it was actually delivered to the correct address. Well the reason i am here today is far more different. I am paypal verified, i have my bank account linked, credit card linked, and a business account. I received a payment from ebay for 1700$ for the sale of 2 iphone 5′s …. Paypal limited my account immediately and sent me an email stating it was suspicious activity and that i could not have my money for 180 days, and even then i had to do exactly what they say to get it. Oooh it pisses me off so bad! I had already shipped the phones to the buyer, so i lost out on the phones and now i cant get my money. If anyone can help i would greatly appreciate it. I have uploaded every piece of proof they have asked for and i still got an email that said my appeal was denied, and my account was closed. Help!!! How can they do this??

Posted: January 16, 2013 at 8:24 pm


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  1. Lydia says:

    I sell holiday decorations and items so Christmas time is my busy time of the year and when I do most of my business. You would think paypal understands this. I sell Christ Mas items so November/December is when my sales will spike. But Oh no it is like talking to a bunch of nutcrackers when I call Paypal. They insist on limiting my account despite going through the EXACT thing last year with them where I explained why the not so sudden spike in sales. Next year I will not be suing Paypal when Christmas comes around. Talk about being a Grinch.

  2. Same problem her! says:

    I got the same problem here!
    I have an online store, bought the template from shopify. I sold my stuff and got around 3000 USD. After i withdraw 1500 USD to my bank account, then they asked for documentation like: “Proof of ID”, “Proof of Address”, Invoice from Supplier”, Suppliers contact info”, and “Provide tracking number”. I gave them exactly what they needed, but I a day after I got an email from Paypal, and the subject is “PayPal appeal denied?”! It happened to me yesterday. Dont know what to do! Do you think we will get our money back in 180 days? Anyone have had the same problem who can please help me/us and tell us what to do?

  3. Dan says:

    Here’s the only solution that will make any difference. Find the closest ebay / paypal office in your town / state / region and begin harassing every single person that walks through their doors. Demand to speak with managers, supervisors, anyone and everyone. Lie if you have to. Dress like a pizza delivery person to get in the building, once inside demand to speak with the top guy. If they call the authorities claim that you have an appointment with so and so. Then go back the next day. research and call every phone number you can get you hands on. Annoy the crap out of them until someone does something. If they tell you they will call you back tomorrow, come back the next day unannounced and demand to speak with that person. Act like a psychopath. Get in their way. prevent them from doing their work.

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