I can’t provide what PayPal is asking for

Hello, I’m playing this multiplayer video game on which you can make money and stuff, much like World of Warcraft. Now I decided I’m going to quit playing the game because my college is starting soon. But I couldn’t afford my college completely so I decided to sell all my stuff on that video game in order to completely afford college.

I found a buyer, and we agreed to a price. We agreed on 925dollar. He then send me the money, and I gave him the stuff. Everything went fine he was happy and I was super happy. I then attempted to send the money from PayPal to my bank account.

After 3 hours of doing that, I re-checked my paypal and it said it was limited!?

They’re asking me for all kinds of stuff. Let me just tell you what kind of stuff..

First of all, they’re asking me for my creditcard information – I don’t HAVE a creditcard.

A valid indentification card – I can do that, and will if they want to.

They want a bank order thing, to see that it’s really my bank account – I can do that.

They want me to verify my address – I can do that also.

Then they want me to proof that the product I sold them was mine, by legal documents – How the hell am I supposed to proof I own a virtual object or virtual gold on a video game????

They want me to give them information about the people I supposedly got the stuff from. I mean how the hell am I going to get information from 50+ strangers I’ve traded with in the videogame!?

They want me to verify that that person that paid me got the objects – I suppose I can email that person and ask them to verify it somehow, I don’t even know how he’s supposed to do that. Even if he sends me an email verifying it paypal would just say it’s fake?

Then there is the last option in which they ask for more information regarding payments. That’s the only payment I’ve ever gotten! And if I click on it it says something about how I am on the wrong page??

How am I supposed to get my money now, I really need it within 3weeks or else I cannot go to college!

It’s 4am now, and I couldn’t sleep because of this. When it’s 8am I’m going to call them straight away and ask for support. Because some of these things is just impossible for me to do since I’ve just sold items over a videogame nothing official!?

Can anyone tell me what to do, and what to say to PayPal?

(Sorry for my bad English, I’m from the Netherlands )

Posted: August 17, 2012 at 4:20 pm


2 Responses to I can’t provide what PayPal is asking for

  1. Marco says:

    Bro, very easy, create your own invoices, go to the internet look for a credible image looking like alogo, use Excel spreadsheet, they have tons of Invoices templates.
    create invoice and send to them, thats what i did and it worked!!!

  2. Tyler says:

    Provide whatever information you have, and a written explanation for the rest. I know that you aren’t allowed to sell virtual items like this on eBay, but finding a buyer on your own and only accepting payment through PayPal should be fine. Whatever you do, do not fabricate false invoices or provide false information. Provide what you can, and write an explanation for what you can’t.

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