No protection for Sellers when Buyer claims Item not as described.

A woman called me to purchase a specific product. I did not have to do any selling as she knew exactly what she wanted. I shipped the item to her for $2500. She subsequently changed her mind about the purchase and filed a claim saying that the product was not as described. I provided proof to Paypal that the customer was not being honest and that the item had been accurately described. Paypal, without even investigating, decided in the purchaser’s favour, told her to return the item to me, refunded her money and left me with a negative balance in my paypal account. I never accepted the item so it was shipped back to the purchaser.
My understanding is that paypal does not offer purchase protection if the seller has accurately described an item, but the purchaser is just not happy with it. I was also under the impression that an investigation would be carried out prior to a decision being made. But, in practise in an effort to be expedient, Paypal does not do an investigation as their claims’ people do not have the necessary expertise. Paypal also seems to provide purchase protection without limits, contrary to its stated policy. I am a small business owner and wondering what I can do about this situation – take it to the courts or to the Better Business Bureau. Where do I go from here?
Suggestions would be appreciated.

Posted: August 7, 2013 at 6:19 pm


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  1. Rainer Berghoff says:

    I could not agree more.
    I sold a security camera where the buyer admitted in writing that he was too stupid to connect them. When I refused his request for return (I specifically made my checkmark in “No Returns Accepted”) he wrote me: “OK, then I will simply go through the “Not as described” process and will send them back thereafter”.
    And really, without investigating the situation, PayPal accepted the claim.

    Their representative claims that every buyer who pays with a credit card into his paypal account could otherwise just throw the item away and request a chargeback from his credit card company which would leave me without merchandise and without money. They really dared to say that their actions are to protect me from that happening…!

    paypal sucks!

  2. mark jones says:

    Both sellers fail to understand buyer rights. If u sell online a buyers have the right to change their mind and return product sold. Sooner u accept this easier you life will be
    put in place a thirty day return window end of story. Cooling off period hello…just matter of fact
    take for instance American express. A customer could for up to five years dispute a card charge. If you sold a product for that transaction you would have to validate the sale. Consumer protection.

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