Preferred Payment Method the way PayPal prefers it

I have bought and sold on ebay for many years. Recently, in order to sell on ebay, I was coerced to set up a linked bank account. As I understood, if I made a purchase, paypal would take any funds in the account then use my credit card, whose number they already had. NOWHERE DID THEY SAY I WOULD INCUR OVERDRAFT CHARGES FROM THE BANK. They had full access to my bank account and could have checked the balance before hitting the account. Instead, with a zero balance, they knowingly kept trying to draw money from the account and the bank happily racks up the $36 overdraft fees. The reason paypal does this is to avoid paying credit card fees so those greedy bloodsuckers can make even more money. This type of greedy, immoral puss is what is destroying this country. This is the world those vultures are leaving for their and our children. May they rot in hell.

Posted: December 27, 2013 at 7:36 pm


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  1. Bob Butler says:

    PayPal, which is owned by eBay and eBay itself, deliberately make their Accounts difficult to understand, and their communications also difficult in order to cover mistakes, by not allowing the user to readily catch their excessive fees and their errors. This is how I see it, and how I believe that it is. Additionally, they immorally favor Dishonest Buyers in order to benefit by making interest on the escrow held from honest Sellers for Liar-Buyers, which I found out after eBay ignored the information which proved that I fulfilled my obligations to a Liar-Buyer. eBay, nevertheless took $51.08 from me, then gave it to the Liar-Buyer 2 months afterwards; of course they made a little interest in the mean time, however at the expense of losing me as a Seller ((about $4,000 in sales in a year)). They’re “Penny-Wise but Dollar-Dumb!”

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