PayPal doesn’t work any more for their users

Please – We need to get Paypal out of business and now. They are fraudulent and freezing client accounts, withholding money. It’s horror all through. Despite providing them with all information, they continue to limit accounts after every transaction asking for the same information over and over. In the meantime, they just hold the money and there is no way to remove sensitive bank account information or card details from the paypal limited accounts. Most importantly there is no way to withdraw your own money. And whats up with eChecks? Why now is paypal holding echecks for so long, to gain interest? It used to be apx 6-7 days, now 10 to 15? Seems illeagle to hold payments to accrue interest. Talked to the banks and they say apx 3 business days to transfer.
Used to be a good company till ebay took over and are using the same strategy; screw the sellers, even though they pay the fees?? Keep away from paypal. Every single client of paypal needs to be warned of this and leave paypal now to get them out of business. They are fraud. Don’t add your bank accounts and leave the company. Don’t provide them with any information.

Posted: September 24, 2012 at 4:08 pm


One Response to PayPal doesn’t work any more for their users

  1. Rachel Jobs says:

    The amount of processing time it took for paypal to deposit my funds from the time of credit card approval was absurd! I decided to switch processors after dealing with them. I sold custom cowboy boots on my personal website; they took forever and a day to release my funds. I went without a manicure and pedicure for weeks because any extra money I had went directly to bills. They are truly awful to deal with. Paypal will never go out of business, it’s a household name and people trust big corporations. They are actually expanding which makes me ill. The best thing to do is warn people you trust – that’s what I’ve done.

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