PayPal told buyer to destroy item I sold her

I sell sports cards on Ebay. I sold an Adrian Peterson autograph card. The card was made by a legit company that is highly respected and pull from a sealed pack. It even had the certificate of authenticity on the card of the card (as all legit autographed sports cards do these days). I sold the card to a buyer. She posted positive feedback stating that it was great. About 3 weeks later I log into my Paypal account only to realize that $150 had been frozen due to the buyer saying the card was not as described. I waited and waited while my funds were frozen. I sent scans of the card front and back to Paypal. I log in one day and discover that the buyer won the case. No explanation or anything. I called them and they stated that the person had sent the card to be authenticated. I said if the card was fake I could like it returned because I had purchased it myself on EBAY a few months prior! Paypal informed me that they had requested that the buyer DESTROY the card. I was not only out $150 but also my item as well. The buyer basically got a free card! I also never got to see any proof of a third party authentication company stating that the card was fake!

Posted: January 14, 2013 at 5:58 pm


One Response to PayPal told buyer to destroy item I sold her

  1. Yao says:

    visit the buyer, you have his/her address… bring some guys with you

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