Paypal told me they don’t need my business

Where do I begin.
First of all after being with EBAY and Paypal for 12 years, having over 2000+ sales of HIGH-END merchandise $1500-$5000 a sale and 100% feedback not even ONE negative….they kicked me off because:

1. A customer received a product, did not like it but signed an agreement he would hire professional movers. He did not and most likely broke machine.
2. Refused to send it back but demanded we just refund him.
3. We said if the guy sends the machine back, we will evaluate it and take it from there.
4. They just took the $1800.00 gave it to this guy, who for all we know could have a working machine AND JUST CLOSED BOTH OUR FUCKING ACCOUNTS!

I went thru:
1. EBAY when they came up with the idea of personal assistants for power sellers with high volume. It was actually great to complain to just one person. Well the people they had probably had so much grief they ended the program in under a year.
2. EBAY one year and only one year after making them so much money wrote me an e-mail and asked if I could have a product on EBAY what would it be? Of course in small print limit $1500. Which was nice. I got a beautiful pool table delivered and installed. Remember I made EBAY and PAYPAL over $50,000 a year in fees. WELL THEY NEVER GAVE FREE STUFF AGAIN.

Well after:
50 telephone calls of all sorts of people: nice, nasty and non-speaking English.
20-25 e-mails
20-25 faxes
20-25 certified letters

They basically told me even if I gave them the $1800.00 they dont care because they don’t need my business and never did.

Fucking hate them. I am so pissed.

Posted: December 3, 2012 at 8:15 pm


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