PayPal suspension based on no information

I recently received out of the blue an e-mail informing me that both my PayPal account and my PayPal Mastercard had been locked.

Upon calling PayPal customer support, support representative Mario explained that my account had been locked and he could not provide me any information for privacy reasons. I explained that this involves MY PRIVACY if there is purported suspicious activity and I need some guidance as to how to resolve the matter. I was told to go get a subpoena. As an attorney, I explained the subpoena process is not the best option to leave a customer considering there is no information to support filing an action with a request for a subpoena since they provide no information whatsoever as to what information led to the decision. Would I be requesting all documents and correspondences related to my name for the entire history of PayPal? Is that the sort of document request they want their counsel to parse through?

He was dismissive and unhelpful. My next call was to eBay that informed me my eBay account was perfectly fine and the issue was solely PayPal’s.

Upon my next call to PayPal the representative said we as a company are making a business decision not to do business with you and we have not duty to tell you why. I explained this is a violation of a prior PayPal settlement agreement re: the EFTA. At this point the representative said there are plenty of other payment services, we don’t have to work with you and you don’t have to work with us. I explained that financial institutions may not make arbitrary decisions that discriminate against participation in the financial system and that I deserved an opportunity to resolve any issue that could cause a 10+ year PayPal user to be summarily dismissed.

She then warranted that she did not make the decision, she does not have all the facts that went into the decision, and will be forwarding the matter on for review. I am awaiting further information from PayPal on this.

Overall, I don’t begrudge an e-commerce entity from reviewing accounts and working with customers to fix issues. But to say we made an internal decision not to work with YOU and that’s our choice and you are not entitled to any further as to why, is just outright wrong.

My esteem for PayPal as a business has been destroyed.

Posted: January 27, 2015 at 5:50 pm


2 Responses to PayPal suspension based on no information

  1. Joshua says:

    I Agree That Paypal Sucks

  2. Bob Athem says:


    We do face the same issues.

    We do offer web services, web development and other solution to the industry.

    Using paypal account from last 8 months with two different Ids.

    Unfortunately I got email from Paypal that they have limited my both accounts and they will hold all the amount in my account for next 180 days which I can not withdraws or refund.

    Even I can not use Paypal account in future using my system, my account, my name or my email ID.

    I have response them on email, but unfortunately auto response with default message and when I tried to use help and contact us link in my account, it gives error, so in any way not able to contact Paypal.

    I tried to call their telephonic executive 3 times, but they are not responding the actual issue. They suggest that account is linked with may Ids, which is really wrong. I do only have two id and I have already provided them all the documents and details. When I asked them that what other emails are associated. They are not providing any information. They should because it is related to my payment ID. But really unbelievable response.

    Today we do not have any words for Paypal and really it is unfortunate that without any information they are taking such steps where I have already asked few of my customer to make payment on the same ID. It really sucks your business.

    Can anybody suggest, what and how I can take any steps against the Paypal. Because I want to tell them that when I am not doing anything wrong, how can they do so.

    Look forward to your valuable responses.


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