Paypal suspended my account because of Buyer complaint

About 6 months ago I sold a timepiece to a guy overseas.I informed him that since the item did not sell on ebay I would sell to him person to person.
We settled on a price of $600 ($750 on ebay) and I agreed to pay for a larger portion of shipping cost ($50 of which he was to pay $20).
We used paypal as payment vehicle.
I received an email form him stating the item I sent was not working and was damaged and he requested a full refund.
I informed him that my item was in good working condition when shipped and I have over 450 100% feedback history with ebay.
If the item was damaged it was done enroute to his country.
I informed him that I would repair item and send back to him, but refused this offer.

Paypal email and said they received a complaint for the buyer in question and they would launch and investigation into the matter.
Paypal email a couple more times stating the same regarding an investigation.

They later stated that my account is suspended and I would have to pay the buyer a full refund.

There was not much of an investigation involved, a portion of the money was taken from my account and now I have to spend more money to prevent them from damaging my credit score by sending to collections.

Bad policy,bad system,paypal suck period !!!!

Posted: April 8, 2015 at 7:35 pm


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  1. Annie says:

    I need help with my paypal account, is limited, whoever can help me, let me know, you wont regret, thanks

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