PayPal suddenly blocked by account out of the blue.

I do not use eBay but I use PayPal on my website although I also accept credit card payments. I use PayPal to pay all my outsourced employees in various parts of the world and I have a current balance of about $40,000 on that account.

PayPal suddenly blocked by account out of the blue. I have been speaking to them and I have sent them a detailed email to explain how my PayPal account is used.

What spooked them was the fact that I have an employee based in Belarus. He is my program and maintenance guy for our own proprietary customer database and he normally logs into my PayPal account in order to check that all the PayPal transactions have also registered on our proprietary database. Belarus happens to be a nonapproved country for PayPal because the US government does not approve of the Belarus government and who can blame them for that.

Nonetheless, this employee has been with me for 10 years and is trusted and I never realised that there was any problem with his logging in. In fact it is surprising that they hadn’t noticed earlier since he’s been doing this for years.

They looked at the account and concluded wrongly that the accounts is being run from Belarus illegitimately. As this happened over the New Year period, the response from PayPal is delayed but I hope to hear from them early next week.

I have no confidence however that they will allow us to resume the use of that account. In any event, what I need to do is get my funds back as soon as possible and consider alternatives to PayPal. Do you know anything about merchant inc?

Posted: January 9, 2013 at 7:52 pm


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