Paypal sucks and they should be shut down!

The Paypal system is a scam! Someone posted funds for me through paypal- I had to set up an account just to facilitate this. Because its a new account, they held the funds for 21 days- when I went into retrieve the funds after 21 days, they weren’t there. I called in and they said I never verified my email address when I set up the account (I did) and, after doing that again, the 21 day wait started all over again. Incidentally, their fees are substantially higher than what I pay for my merchant account for receiving credit card payments. Paypal sucks and they should be shut down!

Posted: April 19, 2016 at 7:46 pm


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  1. Howard Wine says:

    Received a notice of Policy Updates on e-mail today and I am NOT a member of PayPal. Several months ago I was scammed supposedly into being a member of PayPal which was not the case and I thought that was the end of the situation, however today after several months of not hearing anything I received an e-mail addressed to Howard Wine from PayPal that notified me of Policy Updates. I would like to make it perfectly clear that I did not or do not want to be a member of PayPal. Thank you for your attention in this matter.

  2. Bianca says:

    I only set up a PayPal account because the buyer said it was easier and reliable to send and receive money. I sold an item for R3500 I had to end up taking a loan of R5000 so I could send the reference of the shipping company to PayPal because they refuse to release the money into my account until I do so . I did explain that i was unemployed hence selling the item , they told me i must borrow and pay immediately or else they taking lega action , so I took out a loan and got it sorted out and After I sent the reference they send me a message saying I need to pay an additional additional R11000! So now I not only wasted my time but now I have to pay back R5000 plus interest for the loan because the shipping company took the money out and refuse to refund me, so yes I’m very disappointed and pissed off because they say they protecting buyer and seller yet it seems the seller’s are getting fooled by losing money.

  3. Debbie Reger says:

    I can’t use my paypal card. You want a credit card to go along with this. I’m not stupid enough to do this.

  4. Melissa says:

    PayPal is threatening to take legal action against me because I won’t pay 200 dollors to some shipping company. They’re asking me to pay this out of my own pocket…before I can see or get my hands on the money my customer put into my PayPal. I was new to PayPal. All I wanted to do was sell a dress. I thought I’d get my money and someone would pick the dress up. You know I’d pay it if I had 200 dollors…but I’m from south Africa…200 dollars for us is like four thousand rand. My family doesn’t evenue earn that in a month. If I had got the money from my customer like I thought I would I would have paid the fee. I have deleted my PayPal account now and I’m thinking of blocking this person off my email as well as blocking paypal because I wasn’t informed that I wouldn’t get my money until I paid the shipping company. I don’t have money for them and I’m starting to feel harassed and like my rights are being violated. I know that it is only right to pay what you owe but if I had known and if someone had informed me that I would need to pay out more than what my family earns, I wouldn’t have gone through with it.

  5. Leon Pratt says:

    Witholding moneg paid in. My bank declined a Paypal payment of £120, paypal informed me so i credited 140 to the account, meanwhile they represdnted and took the 120 so now 11 days later they have 260 which im still trying to recover, this comes a month after they took 9 payments twice totalling £185 leaving me £185 short for 6 days and unable to pay direct debits for utilitiez, no explanation and no response to emails.

  6. Leon Pratt says:

    No end of problems with paypal taking double payments and witholding funds

  7. Lyle says:

    Im a new seller (one time now) PayPal is a total scam I sold an item for $1500, the customer replied that they loved the item and was recieved early. PayPal was paid by the buyer. Then the crap really started, PayPal as a policy because I’m a new seller holds your money for 21 days. When you call the complaint number you get put on hold for an hour until you hangup. They are thieves

  8. Ms. Loud says:

    They extract their own (not minimal) fee then don’t pay those who seem to have little choice in using their service. Conditions to get paid (gee, at least to ship) are too tall and paypal circumvents them! Even after providing tracking AND the item delivered after 3 days, they STILL don’t pay the seller. WRONG and should be against the law!

  9. Criggle Wiggle says:

    I sold a road bike on eBay last week – prompt payment from the buyer – he arranged a courier to collect the bike last Tuesday and he collected it on 16th June. Tracking details confirmed and feedback left on eBay. But OH NO – that’s not enough for PayPal! I checked my account and they’re withholding my funds until 1st July! The sole reason I sold my bike was to buy a motorbike ASAP, so at the moment I’m having to make do with public transport, so I phoned them this morning and spoke to a manager, and I kicked off saying it’s basically theft. They responded by saying it ‘protects the buyer’, but I’ve already got proof he’s happy with the bike! They said I can send them the tracking number today and they can TRY to release payment in 7 days. SEVEN DAYS! I expect my money in my account by the close of play tomorrow or I’m going to the FSA. How they can justify these practices is beyond me.

  10. Ace Rimmer says:

    Yes, Paypal screwed me over as well didnt even get my full refund from ebay.

  11. Jeanne says:

    Same sad story> I am 70 yrs old and am selling my stuff because I need money to pay bills and they they charge fees to my bank account before they give me the money and I had nsf on bank. They said they would email me letter for bank – never did. If I had money to just through away I wouldn’t be trying to sell my stuff on ebay. What crooks and you can’t take your bank account off they can still charge fees until forever. Think I might have to shut account down. Crooks!

  12. Daniel Muldoon says:

    I am having the same problem. According to their online info on when you can get your money, they assert that you can get it faster if you use eBay’s automatic shipping label-generator with US Postal Service tracking number. Once the USPS records the item as delivered Paypal says your money should be released three days thereafter. Bull****! It’s been a week and my funds are still “pending!” I used their contact link to ask why and all I got was a form response that repeats the info I already red…er, read on their site! Based on other users here, I’m not betting even odds that it’ll help when I get positive feedback from the buyer.

    This policy undoubtedly affects eBay users who are trying to sell stuff to raise dough, who have little cash on hand but have inherited a lot of stuff. You can’t pay bills with “pending” money!

  13. VictorH says:

    Paypal always come up with new rules for the seller after the buyer has paid for the item he or she wants.
    I sold a rare new camera to a buyer in Hong Kong.
    My terms state payment by IBAN and Swift. Those terms are generally accepted in Europe.
    IBAN transfers are safe and free of charge for both buyer and seller.

    The money arrives into my Paypal account but is freezed because I am not to receive more than 2500 euro in one year.
    The first payment was 2775 euro. Paypal simply said my account was ready to be used not a word about any limits.
    Even after releasing the money which takes copies of ID etc paypal will only transfer the amount 21 days after i inform
    them about tracking data.
    Paypal expects me to send a new camera to Hong Kong and wait three weeks for my money to be paid into my bankaccount.
    I have news for Paypal: This will not happen untill there are highways on the moon.

    A seller never knows how much commission Paypal takes for payments he receives. It depends on the source the money comes from.
    From a bankaccount the commission is 1,8%. If the buyer uses a creditcard the comiision is 5,8%.
    No businessman in his right mind will accept these terms. Paypal sucks.

  14. christine nash says:

    Can you supply me with a phone number to contact paypal thks.

  15. Wendell says:

    Pay Pal gave me a date my money would be released to be transferred into my bank. The date went by, nothing happened. I called the next day Pay Pal told me they
    were experiencing a computer glitch. And it would be resolved soon and my money would be released. 5 days later nothing, they still have my money. I called Pay Pal as soon as they opened. I was told they see the problem, they had corrected it,I would receive an email notice and I could pull my money within 2 hours. 6 hours later nothing. I called back spoke to another Pay Pal person. They tpold me the same, they saw the problem and they could correct it and It would be released now in 24 hours. I told Pay Pal I think they hold our money to make interest for them. Pay Pal is a scam

  16. Coon says:

    Chargebacks suck they hold your money because they collect the intrest. Supervisor told me. They dont care. Worked there.

  17. Tanya says:

    While I haven’t had any issues like some I have read; I fail to understand why my bank account HAS to be my default payment source. My paypal bank source is a savings account, due to the fact my checking account had been linked to another paypal. In order to sell on eBay, my paypal HAS to be linked to a bank account, which automatically becomes the default payment source. I have two other payment sources linked and it is impossible to change from the default source. If I want to pay for shipping, through eBay, for example, you click pay with paypal, you’re not given an option to choose a payment option. Used to be I could pay for the shipping out of the final value of the item, no longer. Because it is a savings account, it is subject to more rules, such as a limitation of 6 debit transactions (paypal) otherwise I get hit with fees. Also, paypal does not indicate which account money was withdrawn from. Its a terrible site.

  18. Mike Burton says:

    I am a provider of pet services who formerly used PayPal for all transactions. Some customers paid via a link on my website, others put a card on file and authorized recurring transactions. Everything was going well for about six months, until one day inexplicably I was forced to re-verify my account for security reasons. From that point forward, I was prompted to re-verify my account every time I tried to transfer money into the linked bank account. After dealing with these cumbersome and time consuming security measures for a couple of weeks, I decided to switch to a new provider (Square) and get far away from PayPal. Up to that point, all transactions had cleared the linked bank account. I had a zero balance with PayPal at the time of cancellation and all transactions had cleared my bank account. As an extra security measure, I also closed the bank account that was linked to my PayPal account and opened a new account with a different bank. Doing this insured that if PayPal attempted to recoup any of the payments that had already cleared my bank account, they would not be able to do so. Fast forward to a couple weeks later, I receive an e-mail telling me my account was under investigation for fraudulent activity and the funds from the transactions in question were “on hold”. It was curious because there were no funds in the PayPal account to put on hold, in fact there was no longer an account at all… So what were they holding? Being a responsible business owner, I decided to contact PayPal in order to cooperate with the “investigation”. The first customer service representative I spoke with was a complete nimrod. She was rude and had terrible communication skills. I tried explaining the situation, and made it very clear that I didn’t even need to cooperate, but chose to because I felt it was the responsible thing to do. I informed her that the account had been closed for several weeks and all funds had already cleared a bank account that had since been closed. The money was quite literally in my pocket already, so unless they planned on sending armed henchman to my house, there were no funds to hold, nor was there any current PayPal account for me to log in to. The woman argued that I did in fact still have an active PayPal account and that the money had never cleared my bank… I asked to speak with someone less dense and was transferred to a much nicer gentleman, who was unfortunately no more helpful than the previous representative. I was then transferred to a third representative who was able to provide a few more answers. The third gentleman explained that while I no longer have an active PayPal account, and therefore no linked bank account to “hold” funds from, that my former PayPal account would reflect a negative balance for the total amount of all transactions in question. This was fine with me, since I had no intention of ever doing business with PayPal again, and since they couldn’t touch any of my actual money, I could care less what was reflected on my former (now closed) PayPal account. However, as someone who tries to do the responsible thing, and as someone who would prefer to avoid any sort of collections process, I played along. PayPal requested that I send them a copy of the signed customer authorization form so they could close the investigation. At the end of the day, PayPal was unable to put the screws to me, but not for lack of trying. Thanks to my quick decision to get far away from PayPal at the first sign of fishy behavior, I was able to avoid any real repercussions from doing business with them, but this was a lesson learned. I HIGHLY recommend going with any other payment transaction solution. PayPal is as shady as they come.

  19. paul verhoeckx says:

    Paypall is really pulling my leg,..had to give al sorts of info and since then my Account is blocked,…but still i have to pay my bills,..thanks paypall,..for nothing

  20. edkemper says:

    A third party paid my daughter $40 for two services. The third party wanted my daughter to create and use a PayPal account for her payment. PayPal was only holding my daughter’s money. They offer two choices to get the money. 1) Provide personal bank account number and routing numbers to get the money wired to our bank, -OR- 2) They will send a check to us in the mail. We choose option 2. But, their site would not allow us to proceed without providing a Credit Card or Debit Card account number. REALLY? A credit/debit card number to get a paper check in the mail?

    WE DO NOT WANT E-BAY OR PAYPAL TO HAVE OUR PRIVATE ACCOUNT INFO. Just to get our own money they had no hand in except holding it?

  21. months ago in fact, maybe a year ago, I attempted to make an online purchase using funds from my pay pal account. I was shy a few dollars to make the purchase so I cancelled the purchase thinking the money would still be in my account. NOPE! Suddenly I couldn’t access my pay pal account and was notified that I was overdrawn and owed pay pal the total for the purchase. I explained that there was no purchase because I cancelled it when I found I didn’t have enough money in my acct to make the buy. And since I cancelled the transaction, there should be no negative balance on my acct… this day, pay .pal insists I owe them the money and that I may not use my pay pal until I have brought it current so here we are today….no access and no money and I feel so ripped off!!! I can’t believe with all I’ve read in here that no one has sued this company for illegal practices and being a bunch of steamrolling thieves!

  22. Zac says:

    I’m a college student so my parents send me money about once a week. 2 weeks ago my dad had sent me $50 to get a used tire because mine had popped and I have to drive to 2 classes and football practice everyday so it’s a pretty big deal. After my dad sent the money to PayPal, I transferred it to my bank. Once I transferred it, it told me I needed to wait 1 business day. So I shrugged it off like no problem. It’s just one day. It’s been 2 weeks. The transfer IS STILL PENDING. I called the PayPal company and they told me its was going to be 5-7 days. I was kind of pissed but now I’m fed up with them. I could have drove all the way down to Texas to pick my damn money up faster than they transfer the damn money. Except the fact I can’t drive. I’m never using PayPal again. Western Union or Walmart to Walmart it is. Screw PayPal.

  23. Joy Steffek says:

    I have never had any problems with PayPal. Always get refunded when asked.. They have helped me many times? I am only a buyer so is that why I have only had the best service?

  24. Conroy Jenkins says:

    PayPal literally took my business from thriving to suffering. I had no issues or complaints with them whatsoever not even with customers. I made sure that my customers were completely satisfied. All of a sudden, I get one chargeback by a buyer that made a mistake purchase even though they could have emailed me and avoided all of that. PayPal permanently limited my account and told many of my buyers to open disputes due to suspicious activity. Wait what? Suspicious activity? Not a single issue for over 4 years and now all of a sudden I am doing suspicious business? Absolute garbage. I went into the negative of over $10,000 and now I have no PayPal to use to accept payments.

    I had to resort to contacting Auction Essistance to get back on using stealth techniques. It is not the most effective way of getting back on, but when you are desperate, you do what you can to make your business survive.

  25. Steven Dowden says:

    I was using PayPal for most of my payment gateways, it was easy(ish) and had no issues, then they started.
    My wife sold a bar glass on eBay, the funds went into my account and every was fine, but my sales through my business were then starting to be held.
    I would do an event, take orders, orders paid via PayPal.
    I pride myself on our turn around, we can get orders out within 24 hours, but when it costs $150 to get them printed, its a cost I can’t afford to spend out of my own pocket while waiting 21 days.
    We called PayPal, who claimed that there were “dodgy sales” and they’re doing this to stop them.
    Thats when I lost it, we have never had a complaint, all orders are tracked from point of sale to 3 days after the customer gets their prints when we call to find out if theres any issues.
    So we changed to a payment gateway through our bank and haven’t had an issue since.
    That was until we sold some old gear on eBay.
    The buyer has the item, has for 5 days, but PayPal is holding $15,000 in my money for 21 days.
    I provided a tracking number, added all shipping to PayPal & eBay, even had the customer mark they had the gear on eBay.
    The first reply I got was a standard one using a template, the next one was claiming I hadn’t supplied any shipping info, I showed screen shots.
    I am now invoicing PayPal $200 a day for each day they are holding my money with full intention to fight in court to get that money.
    The gear was sold to pay for a holiday, we have now missed the deal and it will cost us another $2000.

    Will never use it again, I’m closing my eBay account.

  26. Anonymous says:

    there are people who are using the system with paypal logo and they are robbing people destroying paypal’s name. A man called John Fisher told me he want to buy goods from me for his couzin who is in Lagos Nigeria by the name David Williams. He said he will pay using paypal and he will pay extra amount for shipping costs. then i discovered this site before i sent the goods and realised that it is not really paypal. i am even threatened of FBI’s . please be careful people, go straight to, log in and check if there is any payment made, dont believe the emails they are sending to you. if there is no payment in your account from straight, then its a scam. watchout

  27. Janan says:

    Same as everyone here listed an old iPhone got paid by the buyer, shipped item didn’t get paid by PayPal. Won’t be using them again or Ebay even if you can make £20 more than just selling via CEX or other shops. I’ve sold items before and never had this issue before they’ve clearly changed this policy to make a profit on the money owed to the seller. So they it’s in their interest to hold the funds for as long as they can. EBay told me that they can issue the payment 3 day after the product is marked as delivered by Royal Mail. No such luck.

  28. Margaret Ferris says:

    Thought that I must have been duped into signing into a fake PayPal but the scenarios above are too familiar to not be the same company. There is a definite scam of selling stuff and having the funds held until shipping fees are paid. The buyer claims inability to get the money to the shipping company and PayPal has the funds for what is for sale and the extra for the shipping fees “pending”. The only solution to finalize the deal is to pay the shipping fees. Then they add something else like border crossing fees that have to be paid. Not going to ever do PayPal again.

  29. Alisha Smith says:

    Paypal screwed me!

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