PayPal Sucks for Holding Seller Funds

I have been selling on eBay since 2000, but I’ve been in and out of it. I have been a PowerSeller and all that good stuff. Working on eBay is like a second nature to me.

My newest account was created in 2010. Honestly, I haven’t been using eBay a great deal because of the way they changed once they started getting greedy.

At any rate, I sold an expensive cell phone recently and I sold one back in 2010, lol. All my transactions have positive feedback. When I went to sell my $1,500 computer today, they “held” the funds that the customer gave me and expected me to come out of my pockets with shipping money for a computer. They expected me to be okay with my money being in limbo and my product being gone…until they say so?

WOW! There was no way I was shipping out my personal computer like that, and I think it’s ludicrous for them to feel as if they have the right to hold the funds that our customers give us.

I had to apologize (might still get a neg)to my customer and reverse the PayPal transaction because the “hold policy” is just unacceptable. It might protect some small percentage of buyers who fall victim to shady sellers, but what about the shady buyers who receive an expensive item and then claim it is “defective” or that something else was in the box, etc. Scams can go both ways, and I certainly don’ t appreciate being treated as a possible scammer. I’ve had the account for 5 years, and I JUST sold a phone in February. There’d be no reason for me to just up and beat someone.

Anyway, I’m upset because I was going to start eBaying full time. Not anymore. I sell my stuff on Craigslist where I get the money and THEN I put it into the customer’s hands. PayPal and eBay are not God. It seems as if every large company starts screwing people over when it starts making money. We do have other options. They may be slower options, but at least we don’t have to wait for someone to ration our own funds out to us.

Totally unethical and unprofessional. Just wanted to say that eBay really sucks. It did not used to be this way. Old-school eBay: List your item, receive money order, cashier’s check or personal check. Ship item. Exchange feedback. The system was 95 percent honorable because we were mostly good people doing the transactions.

Posted: April 15, 2014 at 4:14 pm


3 Responses to PayPal Sucks for Holding Seller Funds

  1. jazz says:

    It’s all about greed. Think about it, millions of items sold lets just say for $50 a pop. Paypal holds the funds from say 1 millions sellers for upto 21 days. That’s $50million being held, wow that’s a lot of interest they are getting over that period of time just for holding onto THE SELLERS MONEY. Then there are the actual seller ebay/paypal fees. It it all up & they are laughing at every seller while they rake in the money for doing absolutely nothing. Imagine your pay going directly into your bank & the bank saying u cant have it for upto 21 days, banks would not exist if this was happening. Ebay charging fees on shipping is also ridiculous, this fee comes from the sellers pocket not the buyers & ebay have the nerve to charge on shipping. This should be made against the law

  2. I just sold some foreign currency (collectable) online for $250. PayPal charged me $10.21 “fee” and is holding the money for 21 days! The
    buyer will receive the currency before I receive my money. Next item I list on EBay will state that I will NOT ship the item(s) until the money is in my hands!

  3. FWH says:

    I got taken by a scammer ,137.50 on ebay, insured items sent priority medium box, foam packed. had 14 years on that crooked site ,1800 positive 1 negative feedback ,this scammer went through all my items sent ,took what he wanted , opened a claim, buyer protection ,told ebay he will send back as he rec’d it unopened yet he told them & me in email..,well I got back a small box , what was left was opened items taken to his liken as well ,so I posted it as I received it ,took pictures slowly showed contents inside & listed it back on ebay with buyers name right there for people to see ! A scammer A THIEF !! wrote ebay to say hey look at the listing I just put up on your site ! you crooked bastards ,your bud paypal too.. funny is it ! you sneaky crooks.. my money ! not yours ..RIGHT ? well no more money to ebay or paypal ..your OUT! STRIKE ! PROVED YOU SUCK!! control my money F>>U U MF’S ..get F…d ..postal inspector never helped at all insured item..oh by the way only to the destination .after he gets it your F…ked….still have the absolute proof right here to this day from 2011 and STILL pissed off at that f.nn site ..EBAY SUCKS SUCKS they control nothing ! GET IT NOTHiNG HERE !!!!!!!!!!

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