Don’t ever use PayPal…stay away!

I found an item in eBay (yah it all started w/ that item in eBay), the price seemed cheaper, bought the item for 435.00, upon delivery found that the seller was fraud, and sold *used* item as *new*.
Next, lodged a claim with paypal for a resolution. Paypal kept sleeping on it for four weeks, yah that sucks, and that’s their SLA.
Called them, and they said, I must find an attorney to prove that I’m not lying…and the item is actually *used*. Yah, Really. The buyer (who is a victim of a fraud already) has to now go through these hops to prove a fraud a fraud. For Paypal’s, a Seller is correct unless proved otherwise and a buyer is incorrect unless proved otherwise. See the difference? (For other guys like AmEx its just the opposite, BTW. Yah AmEx you rock.) Anyways, after 4 different calls w/ various PayPal representatives and over 6 hrs of talking (its really 6hrs over 4 calls w/ them) one supervisor agreed to accept the seller at fault and asked to return the item as my cost, yah at buyer’s cost.

Paid USD30.00 as return shipping to send the item back, because PayPal told me unless the seller (read that fraudster) receives the item PayPal wont issue the refund. So, pay USD30.00 recover USD435.00. In summary, just for nothing, the buyer ended up paying USD30.00. And the seller (the root cause of the problem…the fraudster) didn’t have pay a penny.

Requested PayPal to refund the return shipping, and response was that’s not PayPal’s policy.

Lovely isnt it? , fraudsters ‘ll find PayPal very exciting…for PayPal a seller is correct unless proved, so if a buyer doesn’t have resources to prove a fraud….the seller can continues to cheat.
Don’t ever use PayPal…stay away! These guys suck.

Posted: December 11, 2014 at 8:40 pm


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