PayPal snatched the money right out of my account

Since you can’t give a scamming low life a negative and eBay does about absolutely nothing to them anyway here is ONE of my stories.
I’d been on eBay 10 years when along came a scamming Russian. Bought a $2,800 bracelet for $450.00 and scampered around my site for something cheap and emailed my me about combined shipping. I’ve always combined shipping and have been an honest seller since 1998. They found a purse for $38 and I combined the two and documented the shipping and off it went. Weeks later I see a claim in PayPal. The buyers declared the package only had the purse. They never emailed me to ask any questions, just went directly to PayPal and filed a claim. I went to look at their feedback and there were 3 or 4 BOLD warnings BEWARE DO NOT SHIP TO RUSSIA SCAMMERS and so on.
I sent all the documentation for shipping. The emails requesting combined shipping, noted the feedback that read POSITIVE but were helpless sellers like myself trying to warn others of the scamming. Stated my 100% postive rating for 10 years compared to the scammers 10 feedback and 3-4 for negatives and had been on eBay around 4 months. Nothing mattered. PayPal snatched the money right out of my account, including the purse money the scammers admitted they received. Paypal said you only proved you sent 1 package and it’s all or nothing with us. NOTE: BEFORE SHIPPING ANY ITEMS CHECK THE FEEDBACK…and you’ll need to look them over well since they ALL SAY POSITIVE!

Submitted By:: Gina

Location-: Kingston, PA

Posted: May 21, 2012 at 4:35 pm


7 Responses to PayPal snatched the money right out of my account

  1. SavewK says:

    ugh! so sorry to hear that paypal took your money. They are the worse company to deal with when fraud comes into play. I had some orders placed that turned out to be scammers and paypal did not back me up at all. From that point on I made it a policy to only ship within the US and only to people that I actually speak with and confirm ID, it still makes me neverous accepting credit cards with paypal. It looks like thats the only way ebay lets you use their site :( anyone know of alternatives?

  2. Alex T says:

    I stopped shipping internationally a long time because it is just not worth it. There is too much fraud going on and paypal does nothing to help the sellers instead they side with scammers. And it is too frustrating trying to prove to paypal that you have been the victim of fraud because they don’t consider any of my evidence I have clearly showing I was set up from the get-go.

  3. Gerri says:

    Thats a bunch of bullshit. If your a victim of fraud they shouldn’t take your money. Paypal is the worst company out there

  4. Christina says:

    Paypal tends to snatch money out of accounts that isn’t rightfully theirs all the time! They have no regard for the honest people using their service and seem to always side with the damn scammers which IS exactly the reason why so many people get scammed! I stopped using them 3 months ago and opened an account with Best decision, wish I would have done it years ago!

  5. Jason says:

    Yeah that sucks I had the same thing guy asked for combined shipping so I did that then claims I sent him an empty package paypal sided with him because they said I didn’t put a signature confirmation on it, which I had a shipping confirmation to make sure he got it. But I was smart the day they sided with the scam I closed blocked my bank account and cancelled my credit cards link to the account PayPal sucks. I also looked back on the guy he has only been a member since 2011 yeah ok you never heard of ebay before then I’ve been a member since 2002 give me a break.

  6. PompanoA1A says:

    They are not loyal to their long term customers one bit! I feel like paypal will side with the buyer 9 times out of 10. I had an account go in the negative and I thought we were working it out with customer support but after 45 days they withdrew the money out of my bank account! I had all the emails and a document to show I was trying to resolve the matter with paypal reps themselves but they said it was automatically withdrawn to cover their costs after a certain time frame.

  7. simon smith says:

    In the UK paypal often gets sued through the small claims court.
    Thousands of victories…..paypal losing left right and centre.

    Not sure if there is an equivalent system in the US.

    Because paypal isnt “a bank” per se, this is why they can be sued just like any other company that takes money for services (in this case money transfer).

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