PayPal reserve and holdbacks ruining my business

Hello :-) I hope that someone of you can help me. I will try to be as brief as possible. I have a paypal account in Europe. I am an ebay seller in the US & UK and on the 11th of July (out of the blue) paypal announced that they are setting a $1000 reserve on my account, and a 20% rolling reserve for 60 days, for every sale that I do. The reason was that I was doing a lot of volume (June was $52.000 in volume of sales) and they needed to be protected! Right now they have $11.000 dollars on reserve and although eBay was very understanding and agreed to defer their payment for 3 months!!, now they are asking for their fees. I need to pay ebay $10.400 which is money that I already have on my paypal account (on reserve though) but they will not release it!! So they are actually letting my business close! They want to protect me (as if I believe it) and themselves by a fictitious and future problem, by creating a very real & present problem! Just in case you might have a health issue in the future, we will kill you now, in order to avoid the possibility of having to deal with that in the future!! Is there anyone here who had the same situation? Does anyone know what agencies I can contact in Europe to apply pressure? Does anyone know if there is an actual alternative to paypal that I could use? MerchantInc can accept cards and send them to a bank account.. (I don’t have one in the US)… Wonder if Payoneers’ bank account works? Anyway does anyone have any idea of how I can make paypal release my funds and what government agencies I can address in order to apply pressure to Paypal?

Posted: October 13, 2015 at 7:32 pm


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  1. I had PP for 1 year and kept putting up with their crap. Finally after all the BS to get and open account, I used them for a time, until a $7k sale that
    EBAY SAID WAS VALID. occurred, PP and the CC company wanted to charge back (PP was protecting THEM not ME, I was paying them)
    and it was totally unreasonable. As I was PP leery and PP wise, I had immediately (always) pulled ALL AVAILABLE FUNDS out of their greedy fingers, and I
    got away. Customer returned merch, but EBAY said it was an irredeemable sale, and it was. So they then closed my account, and put bad stuff on my credit report!

    Crooks! They did a dozen things that were so bad I almost closed, but it’s that EZ factor that holds you.

    BANKS in USA are CROOKS! Wachovia, and BBVA Compass (Spanish owned) Wells-Fargo! They stink!

    Good luck… sorry for your issues, that’s why I wrote.

  2. getehem says:

    PPAL uses a wide range of illegal means for keeping your money. I used it for 10 years as a professional internet seller, then suddenly on may 04 2012 they blocked my account without any valid reason ( they told me that I had two PPAL accounts, it has never been true…). There is an amount of about 1600$ that has been frozen for 6 months, as allowed by their policy. But since november 2012, I try to get my money back, they even don’t reply my dozens of emails, recommanded postmail, just they stole the money, that’s it!
    Since I am european, I use now HIPAY ( Hipaywallet) , this french/belgian company is very serious, I use it for 3 years and I never had any trouble. I wire weekly from my Hipay account to my bank account in Hong Kong….

  3. Rachel Morgan says:

    I just got shut down on both Ebay and PayPal under the false allegations that I had customers wanting money back. In the 10+ years I have used them I have had exactly 1 (ONE) customer request a refund for which they got immediately! They have blocked my account and will not give me access to $1700.00 for products that I sold. To get my money I have to: 1: Provide a picture ID 2: give them a copy of my bank statement 3: Prove the product I sell is mine and 4: fix problems in the resolution center (which by the way was where I requested a refund and it was given). This is bull crap! I am going to reach out to a international lawyer friend to see if they can be sued for false allegations and theft!

  4. Auction Essistance says:

    There has been a client we work with that had one of their buyers filing a chargeback after it had been over 6 months since the buyer bought the item. Although there is a limit where Paypal says you can’t file a dispute after a period of time, but PayPal flat out ignored that and still gave the buyer the refund. Client provided all evidence and documents they needed, but it wasn’t enough.

  5. peter mark says:

    Reserves only come into play if you sell items that are risky. Customer chargebacks and dispute potential, don’t like this better items. Move on from PayPal. 180 days later all reserves will be release. Use to work for a big brand faced same in PayPa and other processors. This is life.

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