Paypal never recorder that I paid my negative balance

Paypal just froze my account stating I owe them money from a previous account. I had that all settled 5 years ago! Now they’re after me saying it was never paid and that I’m trying to get through the system by opening another account with a different email and name. Um, that old email has been deactivated for 3 years and I have gotten married since.

How do they not have record of payment? Furthermore, if I were to have a debt with anyone should it not come up on my credit report? Well, it’s not. and conveniently they don’t have telephone numbers for the collection agency they say the debt was passed on to.

I should have known better then to use them again. I don’t have records of Payments I made 5 years ago but I really would have thought that paypal did. If they can see that the money was owed then they should keep track if it was paid.

Posted: June 19, 2013 at 7:36 pm


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