Paypal will make up any reason to hold your money

I’ve been selling on Ebay since 2007. Without much of satisfaction cause I never really like their service (very high fees, no service other than english, do not always reply to e-mail, remove listing randomly sometime, very strict with seller, etc.).

I always sell a lot of expensive rare cards on Ebay. I invest a lot in big collection to sell it back, it help to make few extra $ sometime, I must admit that minus the Ebay and Paypal fees I really don’t make that much.

This week I just had exceptionnal sales cause I just listed a bunch of expensive cards at the same time (close to 5000 $).

Unfortunately when I wanted to transfert my money to my bank account I realised that Paypal blocked my funds. I tried to know why and I realised that it’s because they say my Ebay performance is below standard (I received 3 feedback in 3 months that gave me 1 or 2 stars for shipping handling charges).
Well those feedback are unfair cause I never make profit with shipping and handling but this is okay, some buyers will always be unsatisfied I can deal with that.
BUT… Ebay/Paypal are holding down my money just because of that is extremely unreasonnable I think, I still have at least 4.7 stars on 5 in every category.

I contacted Paypal for this and they said that if I put the tracking # on the item after selling it everything will be fine and I will receive my money within 3 days. However the tracking number was there already so I contacted them again to say that the tracking number is here since the beginning and I even sent them the direct link of Post Canada showing that the item as arrived.

They answered me that with the information I just gave to them they cannot see that the item was shipped, wait… what ? I can see it very clearly when I click on the link.

So there’s 2 options now:

1. Dishonesty
2. Stupidity

I vote for option 1.

How can this company be so bad ?

Posted: February 15, 2013 at 7:33 pm


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