PayPal protection…what Protection??

I recently filed a complaint with paypal, you know your suppose to be protected by them. I received a non working device, wasted well over a day with cable company for nothing. I was waiting for a return shipping slip from the losers (DATAWORLD) in franklinville IL. Paypal decides I’m responsible to pay for a broken item, so not only am I out of the time I wasted. I now have to pack and ship and have a signature to receive a refund. I went over sellers ad and didn’t see anything saying the buyer is responsible for return shipping. I guess that company pays paypal a lot more then me. I also am not allowed to comment on their decision. I will definitely not make another purchase using paypal. They suck and make sure you read the negative comments before purchasing from any ebayer. This data world according to ebay is outstanding, yet they have over 15 negative reviews in the last month. All similar to the same issue I’m having. Stay away from data world in franklinville IL.

Posted: October 28, 2015 at 8:08 pm


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  1. Orgillian says:

    If you use a credit card to pay through Paypal, you can still dispute the charges through your credit card issuer.

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