Paypal is parting ways with me due to risk

Like everyone else it was Fantastic until 1 week ago (when shit hit the fan) when out of the blue my account limitations have been applied to my account, due to lack of frequent use, which is complete BS, especially as the account has been used regularly and PP have the evidence on screen. I added bank details and upload a utility bill as proof of address which should have lifted the limitation. However I then received an email stating My Paypal appeal had been refused. The following wording was from the 1st paragraph of the email; We’ve reviewed your Paypal account and due to the excessive risk involved, we’d like to begin parting ways in a manner that’s least disruptive to your business. With 180 day money freeze on the account. After phoning Paypal their representative informed me that I had more than one account with the same home address, again BS, why would I, I only use the account to buyer on ebay. I have been told my file would be put back to the compliance team (or something similar) and it would take 48 hours to get an answer. That was 100 hours ago and still no joy. Why make life so hard for normal honest people????????????

Posted: June 24, 2013 at 7:21 pm


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  1. Alex says:

    On 3rd of December 2015 Paypal limited my account, i provided the needed ID and they failed to see my correct birthday, so i had to call them, they assure me that it was their mistake and they will fix the problem.

    After 2 weeks without any progress i called them again this time they assure me that my case is a high priority and it will be resolved the next day. Well now is 3rd of January and no progress had been made.

    Thank you Paypal for nothing!

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