Paypal Here (mobile) transactions are not covered by seller protection

Beware of the new paypal here mobile swipe device. no seller protection offered on any paypal here transactions as per paypal representative.
I recently sold a office furniture item to law firm and installed it the same day.
Client was satisfied with purchase even after they had requested small changes made. Upon completion, I used my new paypal now device on my Ipad to process their credit card, which went through fine.They signed the authorization form of paypal now and a receipt was emailed to them. Fast forward a month later and i receive email from paypal saying that purchase was declared by clients credit card company as not authorized. I immediately call paypal and am told client initiated a charge back saying that this purchase was not authorized. I call the client who acknowledges the charge back and claims that the charge appeared as something else on their invoice and they initiated charge back because they thought it was fraudulent. Once I told them that i had signature and date and time of transaction they changed their tune. However after i updated paypal on the matter, they went ahead and issued provisional credit in the amount of the purchase. To my surprise, no more than 2 weeks later, they debited my account 900,00 plus 15.00 fee and ruled in favor of credit card company. I asked them again why this happened and they informed me that they could not do anything and that paypal here transactions are not covered by sellers protection. So even though client acknowledges purchase, I have their signature which should be stored on paypals system and the goods are still in use, I have no way to dispute this claim and the file has been closed. I am now looking for new merchant processing company because I see that paypal will not protect you and That anyone can file chargeback and credit card companies are part of the inner fraud circle.

Posted: November 14, 2012 at 5:42 pm


3 Responses to Paypal Here (mobile) transactions are not covered by seller protection

  1. Tom says:

    So basically Paypal Here is nothing bit another Screw me now product from paypal. Dishonest buyers will be picking up on this in no time and then anytime someone has a paypal here transaction the buyer can just claim unauthorized transaction and get their money back no questions asked. This is wht paypal needs to be regulated like merchant accounts are so there is some kind of protection for sellers.

  2. Tim says:

    There is only one way to win a dispute against Ebay or Paypal.File a complaint with your states Attorney Generals Office.Its easy to do and I filed mine right on their website in minutes..Two weeks later…Paypal refunded and unlocked my account.They also offered a sincere apology for the difficulties I encountered while using their services..

  3. Bill says:

    I had a similar scenario happen just a month ago. Pay Pal insist the customer who paid for the service did a charge back, he lives in the same county as my business. I contacted the buyer and he said he just inquired about the purchase cause he didn’t recognize the name of the business as Im an LLC and card charges billed under the LLC name, and not the company. Thing is, on the invoice is the address of the company and telephone number. Why not call the company doing the charge instead of the card company. I think some know they think they can get away with it. I called the customer and he said he told his card company that the charge was ok but pay pal still completed the charge back anyway, even after telling me to work it out with the buyer, which I thought I had. Now when I call pay pal they say there is nothing they can do! The buyer tells me he has not received a credit back from his card company. He came to the store and we called his card company and they tell me during a conference call that Pay Pal has never refunded the money because they released the hold and a charge back was never completed on their end. So did Pay Pal just take the money and now think they can just keep my $225+ dollars? I think not, at this point its about the principle of the transaction as a whole. I am filing this week against the guy who made the charge. I think its his responsibility seeing how he initiated the charge back in the first place. He told his card company at first he never received his item when in fact he paid for his computer when he picked it up.
    I will follow up when and what happens during this case. Pay Pal has closed the case, Im about to open a new case in a court of law.

    I know this post is going on 4 years old but, did the law firm never make good on their purchase? I mean they know it was not a fraudulent charge. To me thats just stealing, they might as well just took the items and gave you the finger.

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