I believe Paypal lost my info or they are scamming me

Hi All,

The following happened to me, my letter to them!

They just popped me out on some audit and shoved me aside after being a customer since they started. Ever since Ebay bought them out, they have been difficult to work with.

I think what it is they lost is my account information and credit card info and are asking for it again.

I think I will quit Paypal.

I can’t believe all the hatred boards out there on Paypal. Don’t they get it?

Hi Paypal,

Wow, I’ve used Paypal for so long and now I can’t even get to my account. I was going to start using other services of Paypal but somehow, you hit on us. I don’t know why? We did nothing wrong?

You tell me to change my password? I cannot. Your own system won’t let me change my password on my own account? Can you believe that? Don’t you want my business? I guess not!

I’m not going to reenter all my important information online again. I feel someone might get my credit card information on your site. Why should I reenter? This is ridiculousness x 10!

Posted: July 25, 2014 at 6:30 pm


One Response to I believe Paypal lost my info or they are scamming me

  1. Jamie says:

    As seen on the news, There was a believed concern about ebay information around the time you submitted this. So, because PayPal is cautious they asked their customers to change their passwords and verify their recovery information just in case.

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