Paypal lied to me about my credit score to hold a reserve

I applied for a paypal pro account. They approved it but told me I had to keep some reserves in because of my credit score. They then gave me some fair credit disclosure saying that they had to tell me my credit score and that I could call Equifax and get a free credit report. Anyway emailed me my score was 522. I called Equifax and they told me that wasn’t true and they sent me my report of 770.

In between me receiving paypals score and me validating it I was also applying for another business tool that required credit. I told them my score was 522 and I was turned down and embarrassed. Then when I emailed them the right score it made me look fishy even though it was better.

I’m beginning to think that Paypal lied to me with a wrong credit score just so I am held hostage into their reserve fund demands.

Do you know of any official authority I can call to crack down on this shady practice?

Posted: November 28, 2012 at 4:15 pm


3 Responses to Paypal lied to me about my credit score to hold a reserve

  1. Newman says:

    Of course they lied to you, paypal will do whatever it takes to get their hands on our money. They are the shadiest company I have ever dealt with and it doesn’t seem like there is any authority overseeing them. Sure you can complain to the BBB like thousands of people have done but it appears to have little effect on paypal. People have to complained to anyone willing to listen about paypal but so far I have seen no changes, if anything it is getting worse. Now they have it in their user agreement that you arent even allowed to join class action lawsuits against them.

  2. irene mousley says:

    It is blatently obvious that the scammers here are paypal and ebay! oh and guess what? they are both owned by the same people and you guessed it all from india! amazing how paypal can get away with it. they are nothing but a virtual bank. who hold millions of peoples hard worked money. now let me see. how much interest do you think paypal are making a week! when they hold your money.

  3. says:

    Daylight Robbery! and scum bags is the only way to describe Paypal!…I am so pleased to have closed
    my paypal account, and now peace of mind that i don’t ever have to deal with them again!!

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