PayPal is Issuing is Replacement ATM Cards to get Social Security Numbers

PayPal did something very weird to me today.

My PayPal debit card expires this summer, so I was not surprised to receive a new card in the mail today. I went to PayPal’s website to activate the card. Everything looked good; I was asked to enter the expiration date of the new card, and the last four digits of my social security number, which I thought was a little odd since I was already logged in, but I’m used to security of that type in relation to credit cards. The web site informed me that the information did not match, and I would have to call an 800 number to activate the card.

After several minutes on hold, I talked to a representative. She told me that they didn’t have my social security number on file, which seemed odd to me because I’ve had the PayPal account for over a decade. I provided the number, and was instructed to go back to the wen site and try again.

This time, the web site didn’t even ask for the social security number, and the new card was activated without trouble.

Then I looked at the new card, and noticed that it expires this summer. I compared the new card to the old card, and was surprised to see that the expiration dates were the same. In fact, the card numbers were the same; so was the security code on the back of the card. Aside from a little wear on old card, the two cards are identical.

And I realized that PayPal had sent me a replacement credit card to trick me into giving them my social security number, which they had never previously asked for.

Which to me is pretty shifty behavior for a company that pretends to be legitimate and honest.

Posted: April 5, 2013 at 7:37 pm


One Response to PayPal is Issuing is Replacement ATM Cards to get Social Security Numbers

  1. Lorie says:

    I would n’t have a problem giving out my social if it was when signing up, I then have the choice of giving it and signing up or not providing it and move on. But to demand it from me 3 years after I have been using their service is crap. And to trick you in to giving it is even worse. I don’t like to play along with a game where the rules are made up as you go.

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