PayPal isn’t a bank so they don’t control what conversion rates they use

Imagine my surprise when i logged on to my Online Banking and noticed that charges on my credit card coming from payments made using PayPal were higher than normal.

In short, if I buy a product worth $50, PayPal would charge my credit card the $50, but at THE WRONG CONVERSION RATE, with consequences that instead of paying $50 I’d pay $52, instead of $300, I’d pay ~ $310, etc etc

After noticing that they’ve begun using the Antilian Guilder instead of the Aruban Guilder convertion rate, I contacted their useless customer support.

This customer support pointed me over and over the their legal agreement site and told me to read all of that and that I’d understand.
After a few back and forths, I concluded that PayPal isn’t a bank so they don’t control what conversion rates they use (according to the info received from the customer support idiot)…So I suggested he inform whomever he had to inform that the people handling their conversion rates etc are making a mistake when it comes to ARUBA…his suggestion, read the legal jargon.
And afterwards he recommended I not use PayPal anymore; I admit telling him that he’s being “useless”.
But he was being useless…he didn’t care about digging deeper; he just, in what he’d call English, kept pointing me to a website that has nothing to do with my issue and kept trying to get rid of me.

I try to avoid using PayPal as much as possible…and after this, I’ll try even harder!!!

Submitted By:: Frank Holmes

Location-: Agusta

Posted: February 16, 2012 at 9:16 pm


One Response to PayPal isn’t a bank so they don’t control what conversion rates they use

  1. Paulo L. says:

    that is so messed up!!! my whole complex community, hates paypal. All they do is make you go in circles instead of helping you with your problems. I don’t know how much they get there, i guess it is not enough for them to not do their job right. If i were you i would leave them and never do business with them again. They don’t desever good clients in their company. They need clients like thier employee are. Lazy and no good!

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