Paypal is working with fraudulent offshore collention agency

I sold a gold coin in a MS70 case for 1870.00. I withdrew the money out of the paypal acct. The buyer put in a claim that it came in damage interally and demanded a refund. Their was no damage to this item at all. He was just trying to scam me. I told him and pay pal that it was carefully bubble wrap and that I had insurance on the item. He wanted no part of that. The item then went into dipute and we won case. Paypal notified us shortly that the guy did a charge back on it on his credit card co. and was going to send the gold coin back. He sent the broken case and no gold coin. We immediately called Paypal to let them know of the situtation. From then on we have been getting calls from Paypal collections everyday wanting the $1870. I told them that we have filed a IC3 investigation and we were not going to pay. We have no gold coin and theirs no way I am going to pay when I dont even have the gold coin and they still call everyday. I get an email this morning saying that their was fradulent activity on my paypal account. I decided to go my normal way to get on the Paypal acct. and not open this suspecious email yet. When I log into Paypal acct my -$1870. balance was still their and nothing new looked suspecious so I log off. I then went back to this suspecious Email to open it up and it looked exactly the same as the original but the email part was blank and the password was blank and thank goodness that I have weboot spyware it alarm me that this was a fake I then had trouble exiting out of it I belive that paypal and this collection agency is working togetheir to highjack my information and everyone elses. They are ripping off millions off all these incocent people. EVERYONE BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN YOU OPEN YOUR EMAIL THAT SAYS FRAUDULENT ACTIVITY ON YOUR PAYPAL ACCT. DONT OPEN IT. JUST DELETE IT OR FORWARD IT TO THE PROPER AUTHORITYS. USE YOUR NOMAL WAY TO OPEN YOUR PAYPAL ACCT. THEY ARE TRYING HIGHJACK TO STEAL MONEY OUT OF YOUR ACCT.

Submitted By:: Allan K.

Location-: Jamestown VA

Posted: April 25, 2012 at 3:23 pm


4 Responses to Paypal is working with fraudulent offshore collention agency

  1. rippag says:

    just about everything with paypal is fraud but since we agree to them ripping us off by signing the user agreement there is not much we can do about it except never signing up with paypal which is to late for most of us. hence we end up on site like this.

  2. Rudy Santiago says:

    The only advice I can offer is never sell valuable items such as gold, designer products, or vintage items that are hard to come by. You can bet your last penny that pay pal will take advantage of these priceless items!!!!

  3. Glowbug114 says:

    thanks for the info on emails going out. I swear you cant trust anyone these days -__- Paypal also sided with a customer who filed a dispute which really pissed me off.

  4. libz says:

    paypal limited my account my dads account and my sisters as i tried to use my own to pay for a coat that got limited with we are investigating this payment, so i tried to send it from my sisters, this was limited with your account is limited there is no appeal then i tried my dads whos had his for years the payment was reversed and his account limited he cannot also appeal, i only wanted to buy a god dam coat not a gun, when i called them up and told them they were not a bank and they had no just cause to seize my payment they told me they were a bank and if i didnt like it tough luck as they can do whatever they see fit with my funds, also to add i mentioned this site and everyone who seems to gettheir accounts limited for no reason they told me so what its only a small majority like we care, wonderful customer service to say the least, on top of that they robbed my money for my coat…….i will never use these bastards again!!! anyone offering to close them down yet???

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