PayPal wants invoices/receipts from 2011

My account was limited because a customer filed a return request and I refunded the money and I relisted the same item and ebay removed the item and suspended my account for 7 days I relisted it again and they said that I was selling counterfeit merchandise and completely limited my account I had $390 in my paypal account and that is frozen I wrote them gave them the product key code of the software along with the UPC code of item they emailed me back and said that they needed additional information to restore my account to normal and ask that I supply them with copies of all of the receipts for all of the software that I have sold on Ebay since 2011 to present I don’t have that info a lot of it was lost in a vehicle fire in Sept of 2014. My money is frozen I cant buy anything I have a 100% positive feedback score.

Posted: February 20, 2015 at 8:14 pm


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