PayPal are IDIOTS

Hi guys,
We just yesterday had our PayPal account closed. Only 24hrs after it was limited for suspicious account activity. On calling them they revealed that our account was linked to an account with similar personal details. We replied: yes, his father has the same first name. What documentation would you like us to provide to prove this is two seperate accounts? Their answer… “NOTHING”! We were not once asked to provide information, were offered and were refused. We explained that this is a business, the account had all our business details, registered business name, address, ABN EVERYTHING! His dads account obviously has different details aside from first and last name, which is the same, because they are Snr and Jnr!

I just can’t believe they would do this to us! And even before the account was closed were not given the option to appeal the limitation! As this is our business, and additionally our lifes work really I am going to do all I can to get it back, imagine the dramas we are going to have with the Tax dept eventually because DH cant have the PayPal account in his name or business name?! What are we supposed to do? Step one will be to find some contact details that we can begin the process of legal action. We have a solicitor already, and all the EVIDENCE!! If anyone has any tips for us, let us know!

and screw PP!

Posted: January 30, 2013 at 7:44 pm


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  1. greg says:

    How bout this one; I rent an apartment where apparently the last tenant has an outstanding balance owed to paypal and now paypal is coming after me for the money since it is the same address and they are saying that they have linked the account to me even though the email address and name on the account is totally different then mine. Not a damn thing I can do unless I pay what I dont owe.

  2. Anonymous says:

    same here after limited for awhile they cancek my service and no appeal that really piss me off, bur I still need a payment service anyine know of a good one?

  3. Darko Maksimovic says:

    Here’s mine. I lived in UK for a year and opened my account on PayPal while being there. Then I moved back to my country. Since I don’t use PayPal every day (I don’t have a business or anything), I didn’t use PayPal for some time. Then one day I need to log into PayPal and I try to do it, but I get the message “This is an unknown device. Please select security check”. Apparently I used to log in from my phone whenever I bought something, and now I used laptop, wtf who cares!? But then the only security check they offer is texting me, but I long threw away my English SIM card and I can’t possibly get it back. Then I use my phone again (hoping I won’t have to do the security check there), and possibly add another phone number there, but alas – now it says this is also an unknown device and requires the same security check.
    Now I hate it but I have to go through their support. However they require me to LOG IN first before I send a support request. Idiots! The only thing they offer me is call them on an American phone number directly, but I live in Europe and this is way too expensive, having in mind I’ll probably spend a lot of time on the line. Assholes! I’ll have to try to open a new account instead of the old one.

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