I have a paypal business account in good standing. I had a customer who rarely uses a credit card and does not shop online. After I sent her my invoice to pay for our vacation rental, her credit card would not work. I called paypal….the account was fine, must be her card/bank. She called her bank card….had a zero balance, her card was fine. I sent a 2nd invoice from paypal so she could try again. It didn’t work. I AGAIN called paypal, furious at this point and said what’s going on?? He told her to try again and if it didn’t go through, they would assist her by calling the paypal 800 #. She really didn’t want to hassle with it but she tried AGAIN and it didn’t go through so she called paypal. They told her it was a security protection on my account and she should try it again in one hours….that they would reset my account and her card with go through. She tried 1 1/2 hours later. Still wouldn’t work. It is now 10:45 pacific time and now paypal is closed. My customer lives in a different state and we were calling each other the entire night between 6:30 pm and 10:45 pm trying to get this EFFIN invoice to process her card. She said she’d call the tomorrow again. I said NO, let me call first thing in the morning.
I called the next morning (luckily it was a Saturday or else i would be at work and couldn’t deal with this BS). I asked for a supervisor….now she was telling me because the didn’t ‘recognize’ her card, it was a 24-48 hour security check. I asked ‘what does that mean???? It won’t accept her card so how can anything be checked?? I have processed many invoices so couldn’t figure out WHAT was going on…..trying to get a direct answer was impossible. I wanted an answer so I would never have to go through this again and HUMILIATE myself. They said once again she should try again and call, they will handle it all via the phone. So I sent another invoice to my customer and once again, her payment wouldn’t work so she called paypal one more time. YEP, the REAL reason finally came out. Paypal suggested she open a (guest or temp or something) paypal account and then they would accept her card. She refused.
I called her and apologized! I was confused, embarrassed and told her we would work something else out. PAY PAL HUMILIATED ME AND MY BUSINESS!!
This was all about Paypal logging and registering every effin person on the planet!!! Their was absolutely no reason not to accept this persons card except for paypal to completely manipulate my customer. This is unacceptable. I am closing my paypal account.

Posted: September 22, 2014 at 6:39 pm


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