Everything about Paypal is horrible.

Trying to contact via phone or email is impossible. Every turn ends right back at the same starting point. What an absolute joke. I forgot my password, easy right. Just check the box and you can reset it. NOT!!!!!! In order to access account You must ALSO verify your prearranged security questions/answers. No Problem, haha. I know what hospital I was born in and I know my fathers middle name but do ya think I can access my account with that info. NOT. It just gets worse from there. Paypal only leads us to believe that they have reps waiting to help. There is no customer service. For that reason I will never recommend or use Paypal again. If you are considering….DON’T DO IT. Save yourself the headache and your money.

Posted: May 29, 2013 at 7:28 pm


One Response to Everything about Paypal is horrible.

  1. Matthew Rapley says:

    What a bunch of c*ntsPayPal are. I sold someone some plants on Ebay.
    3 weeks after the buyer received them he complains that they are dead (and they looked sick when he got them).
    He didn’t tell me that at the time.
    Now a claim has been opened.
    PayPal now tell me that I have to prove that the plants were OK when he received them and that he neglected them.
    I told them that EVERY other customer (there are hundreds) who received the same plants has been delighted.
    They told me that it doesn’t matter.
    They didn’t acknowledge that this guy has not one shred of evidence.

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