Paypal is holding my deceased son’s money

In May my son departed for Canada. He had changed our ebay account over to his email address to received funds through paypal.

July 5th he went missing in BC, Canada. Nov. 17th his body was found he is now deceased and I have the death certificate.

I later sold items on ebay and after many months of frustration, ebay send about $80 to my paypal account for items I sold that was going to my sons account.

There is currently about $700 sitting in his account of which $550 is an item I listed of my wife’s.

Paypal now wants a copy of me being the executor which will cost $300. He did not have a will.

Currently I have already paid $20 to disgorge funds, as I was my sons Guardian, and since it was not signed by the court paypal refused to pay, when I went to get the signature the judge said use the death certificate, now this is going to cost me $100 and I have filed the necessary paperwork, they are missing signature and I am thinking screw them.

Can I wait out the statue of limitations and go for the funds as of next of kin.

Posted: January 8, 2013 at 7:51 pm


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