Paypal gateway and (lack of) support

Over a month ago I set up Paypal advanced Gateway for credit card processing on my new directory. I got no help from Paypal, just a confusing website. It had this stupid Bill Me Later thing on it when someone processes a credit card, which I didn’t ask for. I tried to find their online help but it doesn’t mention anywhere this Bill Me Later crap, except how great it is, but not how to get rid of it. So I send in a support ticket. After ONE WEEK I get an email that says call in to support and they will remove it. I call and they say, no it’s mandatory with Advanced, you have to upgrade to PRO to change it. After a month, I realized I wasted my time. I’ve known dozens of people who hate paypal. Now I know why and I have joined their ranks

Posted: January 17, 2014 at 8:41 pm


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