Paypal is Garbage

I bought an engagement ring off of eBay from a dealer in New Jersey. I did not have my eBay account linked to my Paypal at all. When I went to click the Continue button to go to the payment portion, It automatically purchased the order from my primary method of payment. No verify payment page, just poof $1,100 gone from my bank account. There wasn’t enough money in my bank account to cover that so it took me into the red about $650. I contacted the seller and had them cancel the order and refund the payment so I could buy again with the correct payment method I wanted. It took two days for the money to be returned to me and everything was fine, until a week later.
The original order was cancelled and refunded but Paypal decided to pull the money out again. I immediately contacted them and told them that the order was originally cancelled and they seemed to not care about the fact that they took all my money from me for a second time. I was rudely told on the phone by a customer service agent named Bri that I will not be getting my money back into my Paypal account (not my bank account that they took it from) until the following Wednesday. I have been emailing their customer service back and forth for a week now and they keep repeating the fact that they cannot return the funds until the payment is finished processing. My bank statement clearly said it was fully processed the same day. This is fraud. I told them that I have contacted my bank and treated this as fraud and then they immediately escalated my complaint to a supervisor. I was once again told that they cannot release funds until it is finished processing. I know a little bit about how business handle transactions and the real reason why they were holding that amount of money was because every hour it sits in their account they earn interest. Today they finally put the money back into my paypal account. (not my bank account they originally took from) So now I have to wait probably another seven business days to get it back and be completely done. Fuck Paypal. I will never use them again for anything. Their lack of customer service is appalling and their work ethic is terrible. I hope people soon realize that this “service” is just complete garbage.

Posted: November 19, 2014 at 5:24 pm


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  1. Corey says:

    Me and my husband manage a small company and we often use Paypal to get payed. At the beginning, we thought Paypal was a real deal but after 1 year using it, it all turned into a NIGHTMARE. During one transaction, the money entered in a different account and Paypal has blocked it. We did everything to get our money back. Their customer service is unefficient and the last time I talked to them one guy told me that if I want to see my money, we will have to see in court. And all this for only 1000 Dollars. It is unbilieveble!! Don´t use Paypal, it is a guarantee that you will loose your money, they can keep it anytime and never give it back to you. You´d better play the Russian roulette before working with this thievery corporation called Paypal.

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