Paypal Fraud with Bill-Me-Later now called Paypal credit

A Paypal and Bill-Me-Later/Paypal Credit fraud that I have experienced is/are buyer unauthorized transfers from Paypal (paid from bank account) to Bill-Me-Later (now Paypal credit) without the buyer’s (eBay auction winner’s) consent/knowledge. These credit authorizations then incur substantial interest and large unpaid balance fees for several months (less than 6 months so as not to incur legal oversight) until they are presented to the unsuspecting Paypal account holder. Obviously, this is fraud, plain and simple. The so-called modern school of business terms this aggressive, however, it is plainly theft. I believe that Paypal and Paypal Credit (formerly Bill-Me-Later) should be censored and indicted for consumer fraud.

Posted: December 2, 2014 at 7:19 pm


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