PayPal failed to protect me as a buyer

PayPal failed to protect me as a buyer.

I won a bid for an iPhone 5 on an equivalent site to eBay called eBid for over £330. After payment using PayPal the seller had deleted his account, this indicated that I may have been scammed. The seller sent me an envelope with a note instead of the goods. I had started a dispute to suspend my funds on PayPal and waited for over 20 days.

I contacted the police and they began investigating the fraud. They were not allowed to provide me or PayPal the report due to a privacy law. I had given PayPal as much evidence as I could that the seller was committing fraud. This included emails from the seller, the police and the letter. Also evidence that other buyers on the site were scammed by the same seller. I spoke to at least five different PayPal advisors asking me the same questions.

I found out yesterday that PayPal released my money to the scamming seller due to “insufficient evidence” after sending them all the evidence I had. After this experience I will no longer be using PayPal, they should be taking the side of innocent buyers but instead taking the side of people committing fraud.

Really disappointed with PayPal, they made the wrong decision.

Posted: December 5, 2012 at 7:29 pm


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  1. Bernie says:

    My issues with PayPal were somewhat similar. the first time I used them for sales on eBay they were fine. Then the second sale they didn’t email me a confirmation, I got an angry email from the customer. Then it happened again. By by PayPal. Got my own merchant account. Later on I used PayPal to sell a few things on eBay and collected about $700 in my account. I wanted to buy some stuff with my balance. No, you can’t do that unless you give us access to your checking account. Screw you PayPal, I want my money. Still the checking account. It’s my money send it to me. Eventually in the same phone call but the third person, OK, but it will take up to three weeks. It was only three days. PayPal can go…. well I’m sure you know what they can do. I use them from time to time to pay for other small transactions on eBay but I’m not signing up.

  2. i also had a bad experience with paypal for the refunds that never appear into my account and unwillingness to help due to defective online purchase, i hope paypal be shut down or be identified as a scam

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