Paypal and ebay limitations ruining my business

This sounds great- especially since I know that eBay owns PayPal! I’ve been listing for over a month but a little under a month on the eBay account that they are not raising my limits for (until 45 days according to their new policy, they say, and “for my benefit”). I get 3-4 sales almost every day. I only had 2 sales yesterday which was unusual. I’ve had two already today on the account in question. I’m told I don’t have enough selling history although I have 100% positive feedback on all 3 of my eBay accounts. I do every step of the selling process as quickly and accurately as possible- literally. PayPal and eBay make their money and limit mine. That’s unfair and if they would not have so many limitations THEY would make more money and MORE BUYERS, as well as sellers, would be satisfied. I’ve made around $1500 in profits in 1 month and 11 days and have not been able to spend any of it because my sales are so good and PayPal will not release my funds at times.

Posted: May 27, 2014 at 7:27 pm


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