PayPal dispute opened, escalated and closed in 3 minutes

I sold a set of large wheels on ebay to a buyer with less than 100% feedback (first mistake). The shipping was $232 to the customer. Though I sell everything as “no returns” I chose to cut the buyer a break when he asked if I could make an exception because they didn’t fit on his car. I agreed if he was willing to cover my original cost to ship them to him. He was fine with that and sent them back. Upon my refund (less shipping) he filed a dispute to get that money back as well. In 3 minutes time I received 3 emails from PayPal. The first telling me a dispute had been filed, the second email saying it had been escalated, and the third email let me know that the dispute had been decided in the buyers favor at which time the $230 was immediately withdrawn from my account. After an hour on the phone I felt like I was finally getting somewhere (other than India) and was assigned a case number where I could submit screenshots of the emails showing the buyer had agreed to the reduction in his refund. 3 days later I got a robo-response listing “one or more” reasons my claim was rejected. I’ve been with PayPal since 2000 and paid through them exclusively for most of my online purchases. Today I am exploring options to cut ties with them completely. Their terrible customer service and lack of common sense does not sit well with me.

Posted: February 13, 2015 at 8:28 pm


One Response to PayPal dispute opened, escalated and closed in 3 minutes

  1. Andre says:

    The problem is Ebay and Paypal are one and the same company and it is hardly impossible to buy and/or sell on Ebay without them and they know it.
    Isn’t there any institute like the WTO or the EU in Brussels that can take action against this kind of practice!
    If we all together boycott Paypal they need to review their policy and join the fight against internet criminality instead of keeping this practice up!

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